{Lake. Wedding. Perfection}

 We had an amazing weekend at the lake this weekend despite what was going on back home. We all felt really strange about leaving Calgary when it was in such a state of emergency but there was nothing at that point we could do to help. It was just surreal watching the footage on TV. Hard to believe it is our city and some are going through their worst days because of it. 

I seem to have a lot of photos this weekend seeing as I didn't take any - other than on one of Whitney's cameras for the wedding!! Thank you Mom, Just and Jols! :)
When we arrived we enjoyed the sunshine and had happy hour on the grass and then dock. We were pretty excited to see our Cruzie girl and Mom & Dad!!
That night we went for a great boat cruise with Mom and Dad.
Saturday we were up early and so thankful for the blue skies and sunshine! The wedding wasn't until 5pm but we knew Mother Nature wouldn't let us down and she sure didn't. 
Whit arrived bright and early (Dust and the kids were sick so had to stay home! :( We were all super sad) and then her and I went to scout some locations for photos.
Then it was time for Whit to go take pictures of the ladies getting ready and then some family photos on the brides side.
We enjoyed the sunshine and then I did Logan, Avah and Mayela's hair and then it was time to get ready! Seemed strange doing my hair and make up at the lake! The lake is a "wake up and go" zone!

Family all ready for the wedding. Loved having us all together!
The ladies!
Our little family.
Waiting for the wedding to start. Jeff, Jolie, & Nana
(The ceremony was in my Nana's front yard)
Hottest couple around.
Justin, Auntie Cathy & Uncle Ken.
I was Whit's helper for photos. 
The beautiful arbor Scott (groom) made.
Sneak peek from Whitney. 
Ah-mazing. Ashley was such a beautiful bride!! Stunning.
It was incredible to spend the day with Whit and watch her in action. She is so talented and just so incredibly good at what she does. A few of the main spots we scouted and she planned to use were blocked with cars when we arrived to use them and Whit didn't even bat an eye - quickly made another plan and made do. Her calm, sarcastic and witty personality is perfect for the chaos that occurs with a 15 person wedding party!! I cannot wait to see the amazing shots I witnessed her get! I am so proud of her and KNOW her first wedding was a huge success.

Logan made this fabulous cupcake stand and cupcakes!
I ate 3 over the course of the weekend and they were delicious. ;)
She also made this amazing cake and flowers all by hand!
Nana, me, Logan, Avah and Dal.
 Mayela loved the belly. She had lots of chats with it and REALLY wanted to feel her move. Stubborn little baby we have on our hands!
Dad, Page, Page, Logan, me, Nana
[We have 2 cousins Page! And actually no 1st cousins so all these cousins are really 3rd cousins or something!]
Just, Dad, Jeff, Scott & Auntie Cathy
Jeff was the MC and was AWESOME! He was hilarious and really is made for the microphone!
The lovely photographer and I right before she was off duty! Except at 1:30am when we got back to the cabin she was still up editing!
Jolie and I switching from wedges to flip flops!
Dad & I dancing!
Sunday was another beautiful day!
We hung out with the family and enjoyed more cupcakes. :)
The guys and Jolie all went wake surfing while Mom and I just hung out in the sun at the cabin. I even braved a bikini twice this weekend.
We were sad to leave that's for sure! It was such a fun weekend and so nice to have family we see often and never all come together to one of my favorite places - the lake! And it was the perfect wedding for Scott and Ashley - they met at the lake, fell in love at the lake and now got married there too! Love it.

On the way home we had 2 tired kids...
Cruz & Junie!
My 2 girls. Cruz cuddled up to her sister. 
Arrived home and immediately Cruz started to re-coup from her week at the lake!
Today we are both at home. They are sill restricting travel within the city so Just is working from home and school is canceled for me.

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Carolyn said...

What a gorgeous wedding!!!!!

Rachel Steck said...

What a beautiful setting for a wedding. I almost emailed you yesterday afternoon to check on you all. I hope your city is able to recover quickly from the flooding.
I love how Cruz and Junie cuddle up in the car, so cute.


Jessica said...

What a beautiful wedding!!

Pamela said...

You look GREAT! Perfect Summer day for a beautiful wedding!! I went to a wedding Saturday too! Seems like that was the day to get married this month, ha!

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

Looks like a fun wedding! Your dress was gorgeous!!

Classy with a Kick

Katie said...

what a fun and beautiful wedding! and i love your dress - you look gorgeous!

Mom said...

I totally agree that it was such a fun weekend with so many of us all together at the lake. With all that is going on in Calgary, we were so blessed to have gorgeous weather for the entire weekend (and it is continuing today)

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

Awe I loved the photos and your dress! Look at you go you little photographer you! :)

Amber said...

Beautiful photos! You look absolutely stunning in that maxi dress too!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

im glad you guys are safe and had such a great weekend! the girls look lovely in their dresses - the pink and yellow are so fun!

Erin said...

Looks like a great weekend! I was thinking about all of you this weekend and hoping you were safe.

Amber said...

You looked beautiful, as always

Tennille said...

The wedding looked beautiful! Glad you had such a great weekend :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love love that dress! Glad you escaped the craziness and enjoyed your weekend.

Lindsay Drew said...

Glad you had a fun weekend Alison. Looking great! xo

Ashley said...

you are so pretty!! love that dress on you. you win cutest bump award :)

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

What a beautiful family and wedding! I love Cruz...BTW. XOXO

Danielle Carroll said...

I love your fur baby, Cruz!! Yellow lab? And I'm loving your dress! You look adorable!

Nikki said...

Sounds like a beautiful wedding! Love the dress you and Jolie had on! So pretty!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks like a lovely weekend and wedding! I bet the pictures are going to be stunning!

So are these your dad's cousin's kids (and their kids)?

Love your little feet shirt! I think Cruz might be happy to see you!

Whit said...

Man I love the Lake!!! & Your family... who I am adopting ;) What an awesome weekend. SO glad you were there to help me in my first wedding! You rock and you look beautiful sportin' that belly. xox

Whit said...

Ps. That cake Logan did was ridiculous so awesome.. the wedding was just beautiful and so much fun overall!!!