{Flooding Friday}

I had this post all ready to go for today but I can't post it with out commenting on what's going on in our city and surrounding areas. I always thank our lucky stars that awful natural disasters don't happen around here often - not that I wish them on anyone but the news is constantly full of them and I just could never imagine having to deal with them - they are heartbreaking.
Then yesterday happened!
This is what this bridge looked like yesterday..
This is normal...
Today schools are closed - I can't recall the last time all schools were closed! Downtown is closed. Roads are rivers. Communities have been evacuated. Thousands are without homes.
Houses are falling into the rivers.
This video shows a house in Bragg Creek getting washed down the river and crashing into this bridge.
This is the view from a friends place of Princess Island Park.
And downtown.
It's awful. And I cannot believe this is our city. It's heartbreaking. Please Mother Nature STOP RAINING!!!
Luckily at this point - everyone is safe. And really that's all that matter.
If it continues to rain they are going to have to move the animals from the zoo to the jail! Crazy.
A huge thank you to all the emergency workers in our city who have not stopped. They are going on hour 30 of their shifts. So thank you to all the helpers. Everyone else stay home and stay safe.

On to something a little happier...
A tip for your Friday...
My cousin Logan is making all the cupcakes and wedding cake for my cousin Ashley's wedding this weekend (luckily the wedding is not in Calgary!!) so I plan to eat cupcakes. The best part is turning the cupcakes into muffins. ;)

On to some outfits.
[dress: clearance at walmart for $8! bonus is it's a xs in regular clothes so will work after babe too and I envision it will work all summer long!
sweater: old navy, necklace: ebay]

[dress: mexx, sweater & flats: joe fresh]

[pants: walmart, top: walmart maternity, sandals: target, bracelet: made by my SIL]

[dress: target, jacket: old navy maternity]

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Please have a word with Mother Nature for us!
I know I am not going to want to come home on Sunday.

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Ashley said...

I'm just devastated for Calgary! I'm still in shock over Canmore!! I pray that rain stops! The city is hardly recognizable at this point! Hard to see the houses floating away. Stay safe okay?? Is is near you guys at all? Has the forecast showed its supposed to stop?

Love your outfits! That walmart dress was a steal! Super cute!!

Courtney Kassner said...

Wow, I can't even imagine being in all of that flooding. Hoping the rain stops soon and you (and your home!) stays safe! Love your outfits and your bump!

Rachel Steck said...

Oh goodness, I hope it stops raining soon. How devastating. I'm so glad you and yours are safe.

You look simply stunning this week, love all the outfits!

Have a good (and non-raining) weekend!


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oh my gosh I work in news yet I'm horrible about actually watching it. That's crazy right now. Your looking adorable as always hope your in the clear from all this flooding!

Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness! :( That's so sad! Hopefully it stops soon!!

As always... adorable outfits! :)

Rachel and John said...

Looking great!

It's so scary what is happening here.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are all safe. Love how you look with the beautiful baby bump. You have a very special glow about you. Ryan says Hi to all


Pamela said...

OMG! Praying for yall!! You look super cute in the black & white dress!!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

i was wondering how you were doing during this time! stay safe mama love! prayers for canada!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

ps. so jelly you can wear pants that arent maternity!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am happy you are all safe! So, so sad. And I love that pink dress!
PS are you using a belly band?

Tennille said...

It's been unbelievably devastating to watch the news coverage! I hope you are safe, and have no chance of being caught in any of the flooding!

Bex said...

Love that pink Target dress.

Stay save and dry! It's crazy out there!

Leigh said...

This flooding is crazy and unbelievable! When did you get that dress from Wal-mart? And what location? It's super cute and I haven't seen it

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Oh, my! I saw some of those pictures on the news, how devastating! Praying for all of you!

Ashley said...

I've been glued to the news over here in Winnipeg, praying that everything is ok for everyone in AB. This is all so devastating. Stay safe!

ps I had no idea you were a fellow Canuck ;)

Kristin said...

Can't believe the rain and destruction up there!! Blowing my mind!

krink said...

The last picture you posted shows Troy's work at NewAd! It's the third brick building on the right hand side. Crazy! Luckily the offices are on the third floor but their storage container is in the underground parkade. So much for those digital media boards. It's absolutely nutz!

Ashley said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts! Glad you're staying safe. I pray it stops raining soon!!

Kelly said...

OH MY GOODNESS. Floods are kiiiiiind of my phobia. I hope you're all staying safe!! :-S

Okay and I'm wondering... if there are maternity sections in US Walmarts? I don't shop there often at all and have never noticed. You have some CUTE stuff from there!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The flooding is just devastating. My heart hurts for all the people who have lost their houses and belongings. It is going to take the city a long time to recover from this.

I LOVE your walmart dress! Seriously adorable. I never find cute stuff there!

I love all your maxi dresses. Your walmart pants still fit?

Hope the wedding was wonderful. I'm sure it was a nice distraction from all the chaos going on in our city.

Whit said...

Wow the photos you have are intense. The centre street bridge is a bridge that is close to my heart - walking it every day to work and living up the hill from it. so sad. my heart hurts for our city.
I am in love with Wednesdays outfit. I love your hair like that, very modern.. can you call hair modern? Well it is. xox

Janna Renee said...

You guys are flooding and we are burning, because we don't have enough water :( Mother nature is not playing nice!