{Fabulous Friday}

We made it! Friday is here and today is really technically the last day at school. Only 3 of us have to come in next week and I am one of those lucky 3. {wompwomp} BUT it's not so bad - Monday is a holiday and Friday I took off cause I have my lovely gestational diabetes glucose test (and then a massage)! So it's only 3 more day {and I could wear my pjs if I really wanted to} and I don't have to be here at 7:30am. And then I am off for 6 weeks. See - not so bad.

Alrigthy on to some outfits!
Monday - but actually this was on Friday since Monday work was cancelled and I really wanted to share this shirt with you that I wore on Friday! ha
{HOPE top & wristbands: Hudson Foundation, capris: thyme maternity, wrap bracelet: c/o lime freckle}
Go check out the Hudson Foundation!! Love a great cause.

{dress: h&m, necklace: ebay, jacket: old navy maternity, flats: joe fresh}

Had to add this one cause Cruz is too cute!!
{vest & flats: old navy, capris: gap maternity (consignment), tank: walmart, necklace: ebay}

Lily's last day of school HOORAY photo! :)
{dress (from my wedding shower!), flats & shirt: joe fresh, belt: f21

Today - no kid day! Kids are done for summer!
 My belly is so little in the morning! So strange how it grows by night time and I swear after a workout it grows even more!
{tank: gift from Whit (old navy), capris: old navy maternity, sandals: target}

Now everyone have themselves a fabulous weekend - we have a long one! And we are headed to the lake. I am pretty darn excited.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Enjoy the long weekend! I have that last tank too. They are great since they are so long. I also love Target tanks right now.

Rachel Steck said...

Yay for almost being off for SIX WEEKS!!!
This week's outfits are beautiful, you look amazing as always.
Have a good long weekend!!


Pamela said...

Love the striped dress on you! Have a great weekend! :)

Courtney Kassner said...

I need your wardrobe! I feel like I wear the same thing every week and you never seem to wear the same thing twice! You look great! Have fun at the lake!

Kelly said...

Looooooooooooooove that striped H&M dress on you!! And I bought that same striped Old Navy tank yesterday (but in aqua) Happy Friday!! :-)

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

SOOOOO CUTE! as always.

Whit said...

Lil is so cute!! I love that dress on her last day of school! So cute. And that tank looks awesome!! So close to time off!!! Yayy.. can't wait for dates with my bestie!! xox

Gabriella said...

Cute outfits as usual! You seriously have the most fun clothes. I got the same tank in your last picture, but in blue. Gotta love Old Navy. Have a great long weekend! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the H&M dress and the shower dress! Super cute!

Lily is adorable! She looks a tad excited for summer break!

I love your target sandals too!

Have a great long weekend at the lake!

Ashley said...

Love your dresses!! And that hope shirt :) fingers crossed it brought me luck!!!

Katie said...

yeah for school being over!! and I love that black and white dress - you look so cute!

Laura said...

Lovin' your outfits, you def. know how to dress your baby bump well. I'm starting to get really frustrated with my wardrobe, and need to do a little shopping soon.