This weekend was fabulous. The weather was my best friend.
Friday night I stayed at school after work to set up and organize the fundraiser we had that evening and it was a huge success. I was exhausted by the end of the night - as were a few other staff members but it's all for the kids! We shopped, bid on silent auction items (I won/had the highest bid on a great basket!), ate our weight in candy at the candy buffet (maybe that was just me), zumba'd with the most hilarious male zumba instructor ever, had our nails painted, won draw prizes (not me), made mother's day cards, ate snacks, drank wine (not me again), laughed a little more at the zumba instructor...all in all a great night!
While I was doing that - Justin was doing this...

Saturday we headed out for a bunch of errands before it got too hot cause we wanted to enjoy the backyard.
We were on a mission to shop for a stroller. There are so many out there so went to a store that has them all out so you can test them and play around with them. We had an idea of what we wanted - something rugged that would be easy to use all year round in the ravine with Cruz - all Justin really cared about was it having a big front wheel! :) 
We found one we both really love - they had the color and model we wanted in stock so it came home with us!
When we got home it was time for this:
and she was a very happy girl!! Justin BBQ'd us lunch, power washed the deck and back of the house and then we put up the umbrella relaxed on the deck and it was WONDERFUL!! Felt so good to get some sun on bones!
Justin threw the ball all afternoon for Cruz and she was happy to chill in her pool every third fetch. 
We definitely took advantage of the weather and had our friend Darren over for drinks on the deck, then Debbie joined us for drinks on the deck and then we took her out for Mother's Day dinner. 
It was delicious and a great end to great day.
Sunday Cruz and Justin woke me up with Cruz attacking me with kissing on the bed with a sweet card attached to her collar and a gift card to Home Sense for Mother's day! They know me well. We had a lazy morning, chatted with Mom and Dad and then I headed out for my massage.
It was wonderful! I was spoiled because it was done by the massage students at MRU so it was free and the lady who had the appointment after me cancelled so instead of a 50 minute massage - I had a 1.5 hour massage!
Bathroom shot after my massage!
Justin did a 32km bike ride while I was out and then we did chores, relaxed on the deck some more, he BBQd an incredible steak dinner and then we watched the Survivor Finale (& had ice cream)!
It was a fabulous day. It's amazing how much can change in a year. I clearly remember last Mother's Day and at this time last year I really didn't know if we would ever get to where we are now. I take my job as Cruz's Mom very seriously and I am so thankful for that little yellow shedding machine. We love her more than I can possibly explain. She made me a Mom almost 4 years ago and this year I am still in awe, shocked, thankful, on cloud nine about the fact that we are already half way through a pregnancy with Cruz's little sister. And already we love her just as much. So this year I felt extra lucky and Cruz & Justin made sure to make me feel that way too.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

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Ashley said...

What color is the stroller? Is Justin gunna get one for behind the bike for "easy rides" lol.

Glad you had a great weekend!! That massage must've been awesome!!

Pamela said...

awwww look at that little bump!!

Mom said...

So great you got an extra long massage. Love that Justin and Cruz made you feel like the special Mom you are going to be!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You look awesome! I feel just as big as you! Lol. What stroller did you decide on? Since I am hoping to run lots after we went with the BOB Revolution SE and the Britax B-Safe car seat.

Courtney Kassner said...

You look great! So jealous of that massage!

What kind of stroller did you end up getting? We registered this weekend and had such a hard time picking out strollers!

Carolyn said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend! :) What stroller did you get??

brittany t said...

you are adorable! your hubby & cruz are adorable!! that's so sweet that they made your mother's day so special! :) I am jealous about the massage, but that's so neat that you got an extended time for that! I know they are much appreciated :) you are so dang cute!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Happy Mother's Day! Such a gorgeous weekend! Like everyone else, I want to know what kind of stroller you got!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

a quality weekend my dear! i can't wait to see if Harlee likes a pool as much as cruz :)

Rachel Steck said...

I had to laugh at Cruz giving Justin's burger the side eye like 'oh that looks yummyyy'. Ha!

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day weekend! Just think...next year will be even better!


Tara Illy said...

As cliche as it sounds, you are glowing!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

glad you found a stroller you love! it feels so good to check things off the list!

Seriously?! said...

I love your life!!! ;) Sounds like you are finally getting everything your heart has dreamt of...and more. :) xox

Ashley said...

love how outdoorsy ya'll are! this sounds like a fun weekend! and i swear, every time i come here, cruz makes me have puppy fever SO bad!