{Rainy} Friday


Happy Friday! I am excited for this weekend even if the weather is supposed to be ify.
Not much to report other than some outfits today!

Monday - Holiday at the lake! :)
{blazer & dress: target, necklace: ebay}
I thought I had accidentally deleted all Tuesdays photos so I re-took them last night and then found one. Hence the different hair and forgotten blazer. oh brother I'm sleepy.

{tunic: f21 (old) & belt, sweater, banana republic, sandals: target}
{dress: hopes, boots: urbanog, belt: f21}
{sweater: joe fresh, tank: walmart maternity (great $7 find! they are awesome), jeans: old navy maternity, necklace: f21, sperry's: gift from brother}

Good luck to Leigh, Jolie, Troy, Krink and Nicole who are all running on Sunday! I will be there cheering you on with my neon yellow signs and cute side kick Emerson!!

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Leigh said...

Walmart in Canada has maternity clothes? I don't think I knew this! Good find though! :) Thanks...hopefully see you on Sunday morning

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that first dress, well them all but especially #1 :) I never did find those tanks here, we found some but only in green or black and the XS was too big :(

Carolyn said...

Again... adorable outfits!! :)

Ashley said...

I have a necklace similar coming from EBay! I can't believe I just started purchasing from there! Great steals! I got mine for .90!!
Love those dresses from Target and Hopes!! I just love that bump too!!! Sending belly rubs!!

Bex said...

Oooh I love that first maxi dress!! I really wanted to pick up some new maxi dresses from Target, but they are all heaps too long for my short little self!

You're so adorable!

Rachel Steck said...

I am loving the chevron dress w/boots and then the hot pink necklace...I want one of those.

You are beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

LOVE that quote! I need to live by that!

Haha when I saw the first pictures I was going to comment that your hair was different! Good thing you explained! I almost bought a cute owl necklace the other day.

I love all the outfits! Your bump is really showing now! The chevron Hope's dress is adorable! I love the Target sandals too.

I was going to message you when I saw the Walmart maternity tanks! They also had some nursing tanks that looked decent and fairly cheap. I almost stocked up!

Jessica said...

You look adorable. ;)

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Your little baby bump is so adorable! It's raining here to :-( Yesterday it was 91 degrees and today it's 52!! Our electric bills will be crazy because we keep switching from heat to AC. Have a great weekend!

Kristin said...

Rockin the bump!

Emmett Katherine said...

I love that first black and white dress, I would have loved to have that in my wardrobe when I was pregnant! you are too cute with your little tiny bump!