We had an amazing weekend - the weather was BEYOND PERFECT.
Some things I learned on Saturday.
- Even when you tell yourself to sleep in past 8:00am and have big plans to do just that - you body may not agree.
- It feels really good to get your "chores" done all before noon.
- We may have the cutest dog ever.
- Workouts done outside are WAY better than in the basement. I did my workouts Fri, Sat and Sun outside!
- The sun is my friend.
We uncovered all out deck furniture and sat outside Saturday evening and it was glorious!
[Cruz and her polka dot lawn - I like chevron, she like polka dots!]
- Always take money with you on dog walks. The ice cream truck will follow you around and torment you.
- Justin is a happy camper now that he is able to get out for bike rides. And now that both our vehicles are cleaned and detailed to perfection. We are both perfectionists in different ways. :)
- Dinner tastes WAY better when everything comes off the BBQ.
- We watched the movie Compliance on Saturday night. It taught me to always go with your gut instinct.
If it seems wrong -  it probably is, sad that this movie was based on true events.

Sunday we headed out the mountains for a hike and to cook lunch over a fire.
It was a fairly easy hike - we did encounter some snow! We only hoped to hike up to the camp ground which we did.
Cruz needed a break!! Again - proof of the cutest dog!
We tried to go higher than the camp site but the snow got too much!
Someone didn't mind at all! She was a riot and loved every minute of it!!
It was an such a great time and such a beautiful day to spend out in the mountains with my 3 loves - yes I am including my baby belly!
Trina from Show your Strength on etsy sent me this awesome tank that I wore for our hike!
Here's me!
Some of my other favorites:
 She also does fun backs or cuts outs on the tanks if you want:
I have a coupon code for YOU to get 10% off: 413AM900
Now get shopping! Thank you again Trina!
AND then we headed home, grabbed a quick nap and then were on our way down south for dinner with Dustin, Whit, East and Finley (and Cruz & Ty of course)!
This little man entertained us to no end. He is seriously so cute and hilarious!!
Stunning mama and baby Fin. 
 Finley is just such a cuddler - which I was all for!!! She is just so tiny and perfect. Couldn't get enough.
 And Uncle J LOVES little Finley too!
 And that's a wrap on a fabulous weekend. And the longest post ever written.
And I will make it longer by adding that Justin and I know the sex of our little babe!!
We had the most incredible morning. More on this tomorrow. :)

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wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

SUPER CUTE! I saw that she had her finally! Yeah! :) Adorable!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

while reading this i was thinking 2 things. jealous of your workout flow and OH MY GOSH you should know what baby black is now!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The hike looked amazing! Even the snow didn't look so bad!

Love your cute new shirt! Is it a technical fabric? You have definitely popped in the last week. No denying that bump now!

Love little Fin! So tiny and sweet. Men holding babies makes me melt.

Whitney looks pretty amazing!

Can't.wait.for.tomorrow!! Dying over here!

Courtney Kassner said...

The suspense of the baby's sex is killing me! Can't wait till you share!! Yay!

So glad you finally got some sunshine and good weather! Looks like y'all took full advantage of it!!

Limefreckle said...

only in Canada can you be out in shorts and tank top and encounter snow! You have some AMAZING scenery to hike in! It's sunny and summer here in Ontario...the boy is in the pool as I type....he has one girl in his class - named Finleigh!! Love that name!

Ashley said...

Love that tank!! Your hike looked fun!! Love that bump!!! Whit looks great and Finley is just adorable!!!

Gabriella said...

Gorgeous hike! Cruz laying in the snow is great. Homie does the same thing! Finley is soooo tiny. Beautiful Mama and baby! CAN'T WAIT to hear what Baby Black is! Marco's sister just found out she is having a girl!

Caroline said...

You are just too adorable! That scenery is just beautiful! And I can't wait to find out the gender!

Leigh said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend :) Where did you guys go for a hike? Love the pictures of Finley :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the top! I was looking for a running for two top :) Finley is so cute! And you know?! How did I think it was another day!! Eek. TOO exciting!!! Now I am going to be on pins and needles. lol

Bex said...

Love that tank! Where'd you get it?

Kristin said...

Looks like you got more sun that we did in Cali! Its quite chilly here!

Momma StJ said...

Girl you look GREAT!

Danielle @ eating running living said...

Cruz is so cute! Baxter does the same thing rolling around in the snow :)
I 100% agree that dinner is always better coming off the BBQ!

Jessica said...

You are looking fantastic!!
Our lawn looks like that too, frequent watering helps I've learned! ;)