Leaks and Love

 Not the best combo for the weekend - it was a great and crappy weekend.
Friday I got home to Justin doing a great job organizing the basement - we needed to re-arrange it to make room for the computer and a dresser that are getting the boot from the soon to be nursery.
I started to move all my workout stuff to one side to help make room for the dresser and quickly realized the carpet was soaked. With some quick investigating we found a large crack in the foundation and water leaking in at a quick pace. Insert super sad face.
So after a few hours of clean up, pouting, shop-vacing the carpet, soaking towel after towel, laying a tarp outside hoping to slow the water from coming in and then more pouting - we found our garage roof to be leaking too!!! ekkkkk.
Oh my. It could be worse, we know this so at that point we called it quits. I made Justin a [much needed] drink, made dinner and then we watched this. It was strange. Quite a different yet interesting movie.
As we were laying in bed Justin was trying to set the alarm (he got up 4 times during the night to change the towels in the basement) we realized our alarm clock had quit! ha! Couldn't help but laugh - and that was the third if it's true what they say, bad things come in threes. Done.
Saturday we decided to finish organizing the basement despite the mess and we managed to get it all done and it looks great. Now we just need to wait and see how much and how we can get the foundation fixed.
Then it was time to hang with Nixon and Emerson!
Nixon was just staying while Crystal and Troy went for dinner and Emerson was having a sleepover!
Either way we love spending time with these two!!
She loves building towers with Uncle Justin.
And ice cream cones as much as her Auntie!!
Sunday morning we were up early to go cheer on the runners.
Baby bump.
On our way to the stampede grounds.
Jolie the super speedy superstar ran an awesome 1st half marathon! 1:54! Whoo hoo!!!
 Jeff also ran the 10km to help his training for the triathlon he is doing in a few weeks with my Dad and he is quite speedy too!
 Sign for Leigh - even though we never saw her!! :( But a HUGE Congrats for finishing your first marathon!!! Wow.
And Nicole for her 10K PR of sub 6o minutes!
Emerson may have been a little bored waiting! :)
Crystal and Troy also did super awesome with their half they ran together! 2:26!
Once we got home from the race we tackled other outside lawn chores, prepped dinner, I read out in the sun while Justin tuned up a buddies bike, then we all sat out on the deck for a while.
Then it was time for dinner with Jeff, Jolie, Dust, Whit, East and Fin. The weather cooperated and we ate "Jeff's famous burgers" outside on the deck. It was a great night - sadly I took no photos - but we sure do love our time with those people. Easton kept us entertained and Fin is growing but still the sweetest little thing. Love them.

I made some cork magnets Thursday night. And I love the new addition of little Finley down there? Adorable.
Jeff and Jolie surprised me with these from the states!!! My favorite!
And this sweet girl came home from her vacation at Casa Gramma & Grampa last night. We sure missed her but we know the 3 of them love their time together - especially at the lake!
She was a sleepy girl and really wanted to be invited on the bed.
That's it! Hope everyone had a great weekend - despite leaks. :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I feel your pain, we had a similar incident a few years ago and had to rip out an entire closet - dry wall and all since there was mold. Not things you expect in new houses!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh no!! Hope the leaks aren't too $$ to fix. House repairs are always scary! We know a good roofing company if you need one.

Funny thing- I was totally standing at the top of those stairs from where you were sitting from 1:48-2:35 of the half marathon time waiting for Jarrett and my friends to finish. If I had just looked down I would have seen you! Darn! Too many people in the way!
Good job to Jolie, Jeff, Troy and Crystal for their great races! It was an awesome day to race.

Tip for next time- bring some sign making stuff for Emerson to make her own signs while waiting for Mom & Dad. J did that for my nieces and nephew at one of my triathlons and it definitely helped with the boredom. :)

Ashley said...

That movie looks good - well I mean Channing... Lol! Everyone did soo well with race!! Loved your signs! And your magnets!! I'm in need! Lol! I have Christmas ones up all year long!! Emerson kind of looks like Justin!! I can see similarities!!
That sucks about all the leaks! Hopefully they are easy and inexpensive to fix!!

krink said...

Thanks again for taking the kidlets and for coming to cheer us on Auntie!!! We sooooo appreciate it!

Leigh said...

Brian was telling me about the leak and that stinks :( Hopefully it's not a super expensive thing to fix for you guys. And sorry that I missed you on Sunday! Thank you for all of the text messages and for the sign :)

Limefreckle said...

ugh, nothing worse than a basement leak! Had one at our old house, but it was relatively easy to fix....hope yours is too! Love the wine magnets....

Nikki said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend!! I can't believe how big E is getting!

Rachel Steck said...

In our first home we had every water issue possible. The house was built in 1917 so I guess that's the reason. I hope you get everything fixed soon!
I LOVE that green skull scarf you're wearing in these pics!
If I could send you Fruit Chillers I totally would. I'll have to give them a try.


Chantay Smithingell said...

A leaky roof is always a headache, and there's nothing you can do about it but to have it fixed as soon as possible. At least you discovered the problem earlier and not when it's already raining hard. Instead of getting disappointed, just fix it right away. It's the only solution to this problem.