{Baby Black: Week 22}

I loved the idea of this shirt but I think I ordered it too big because I have to pull it tight on my belly then in bunches at the back and I don't really think it gives an accurate bump photo. Oh well I still love it.
Lindsey found this swimsuit for me for baby Black's second summer! I am so excited and thankful for her looking! You are awesome Lindsey! I can hardly wait.
Great. I do feel overwhelmed and I am taking this week "off" from thinking about the nursery. I just want it to be perfect. I have thought for so long about the possibility of having a nursery in that room so now that it's go time I have a billion ideas in my head and I just can't seem to bring them together. It's like when I was planning our wedding - I had so many ideas but needed them to come together as some are modern and bright and others are classic and pretty. bah.
Justin is out of town all week for work :( so I am forcing myself to just stop for now. It will all come together.
How about this for a comparison!!
Chunky monkey!!

Baby Black:
She weigh a pound! Good thing I have gained 10!! ha ha The rest is clearly in my boobs and butt!
She is proportioned like a new born just a thinner version as fat hasn't yet developed. Lips are distinct and eyes have formed other than the iris - it still lacks pigment. Finger nails are almost fully formed.

Justin update: 
Like I said, Justin is out of town for business this week. :( His girls already miss him. He has been great though, he brings me back on track and when I email him 5 ideas he sorta knows when to ignore them even though it annoys me - ha. We did go to Micheals on the weekend and get some supplies for the mobile I am going to make. We found ideas for 2 on pinterest that we both like and we are going to combine them. So that was exciting that I do have a project and he wanted to be apart of it.

What I'm wearing:
After my Thursday post Justin sent me a text telling me I HAD to order this top I posted as it is so me. :) Okay! He the best.

What I'm looking forward to: 
So much! Planning summer holidays. Working on nursery projects. Our next prenatal appointment. Justin feeling her move. Ashley's wedding. Grampa & Chris's visit...

Alison moment of the week: 
On Wednesday I put my Old Navy maternity leggings on and thought to myself that they must have shrunk a bit or my belly really was growing. Once at work and I went to the washroom I realized they were on backwards. :) My butt had lots of room!

Best moment of the week:
Not related to baby but Justin got his BBQ all hooked up and we used it Sunday night. It's a beast and he loves it!!
I bought these muslin cotton swaddling blankets (just like aden and anais) off zulily last week with a credit I had from someone (I think Whit?) signing up from my recommendation and making a purchase. I loved the print and they are grey and pink.

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Ashley said...

Love those blankets! And your boobs are def. growing!! - yup I just went there!! But the bump is too!! Glad you are taking break from nursery planning to clear your mind!! It will all come together!! Glad you got that swimsuit!! Did you still want a smaller one?

Courtney Kassner said...

Look at that bump! You look great! Hope this week goes by fast for you and Cruz!

Tennille said...

That shirt is going to look great on you!! You guys have such a beautiful deck. We're definitely in need of some backyard upgrades!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You look awesome and I hear about weight in the boobs and butt! Love that shirt and your bathing suit will be on its way this weekend!
I know I will get the same way with the nursery I have a picture in my head and won't stop till its perfect. I am waiting for after the gender reveal to do more with the nursery plans in case it changes but I think I am pretty set in my idea.

Jamie said...

You seriously look amazing. So cute.

Carolyn said...

I think the shirt is so cute! :) And I LOVE the leggings story. SO FUNNY! And totally something I would do. HAHAHAHA

Rachel Steck said...

Yes, that top is SO you. Can't wait to see a pic of you in it!


Jessica said...

That top is ADORABLE!

Rebekah said...

You look SO cute! And seriously, how adorable is that swimsuit?? All the baby girl stuff out there just kills me!

The Conway's said...

I love this shirt...don't worry, you have 18 more weeks to fill it out :)

Rachel and John said...

Beautiful as always! Where do you buy those capris in your comparison photo? They look so comfy!

It's probably good that the shirt doesn't fit yet. You have a ways to go still! And 10 pounds is pretty good for weight gain. The baby may only be 1 pound but don't forget about the amniotic fluid, your extra blood and your growing uterus! Those things add up!

Katie said...

that's so funny about your leggings. i wore my shirt backwards the other day for HOURS until my sister in law asked me if it was backwards. oops! and i felt the same way about the nursery and still do - i have thought about it so long I want it to be perfect. but I know that i need to let a little of that go and that she will love it no matter what! but i completely understand!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

growing tatas! you look SO good!
& dont worry about the shirt, it'll change how it fits a few more times before youre done wearin it!

Leigh said...

That's such a cute bathing suit! And I love the Justin told you to order that shirt :) What a good husband :)

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

Oh my gosh you are just too too cute and that bathing suit is adorable!!! ; )

Whit said...

hahaha... that's hilarious about the leggings!! Loving that baby bump and I think it's awesome J told you to order that shirt. That shirt may just fit come the end so don't even think twice, better big than too small. xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Look at that belly!

I was the same way with the nursery and wedding planning! Too many great ideas out there! Finding the bedding really helped me focus so hopefully something similar will happen to you.

The mobile project sounds like fun!

Too funny about the leggings incident! I did that yesterday with my lulu capris but obviously it wasn't that big of a deal with regular pants!

Janell Happ said...

Oh my goodness, Alison! I have been SO out of the loop! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I didn't know you guys were expecting. How exciting! I hope pregnancy has been kind to you so far :)