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Happy Friday! We had a beautiful - may I say hot day yesterday - so I am so excited to see what this weekend brings. I had the best day yesterday - more on that to come below. On to a few outfits...

{It was a no kid day at work so I dressed comfy therefore no photo!}
So you get to see this photo of Cruz to see just how spoiled she is - this is all our ice cream bowls lined up for her from Monday! She's a smart one too - there were 6 of us (Jeff said no to ice cream - I know - I don't know how it is my brother either!) anyways she kept looking around looking for her 6th bowl. :)
{dress: target, sweater: rw&co, belt: f21, boots urbanog, cruz saying where's my breaky Mom}
{sweater & shoes: joe fresh, pants: walmart, tank: old navy maternity, scarf: mexico market}

I got the call just after 1am from Dust that it was go time for Whit! I ran around the room thinking I'd got everything I needed (forgot a brush, toothpaste and all my make up), grabbed the dog and was on my way to be at their house for East. I am sure Cruz thought I'd lost it going for a car ride in the middle of the night but then was super pumped that it meant she got to tear around the backyard with Ty at 1:30am and then sleep with Mom! Then I got the text at 6:00am from Whit to say sweet Finley Anne Logan was here! Just a little munchkin at 6lbs 14oz. 
My day looked a little like this:
We totally lucked out and had a beautiful, hot sunny day! I was right in saying Fin didn't want to come out until it was warm out!
Cruz and I had a blast with East and Ty. He is such a fun kid. He also had fun facetiming with my parents. He is a riot and such a chatty little man!
And then it finished perfectly with this:
I was in heaven. She is so little and sweet and those lips! I die. It was so nice to hangout with Whit and Finley at the hospital and it made me that much more excited for October. Cannot wait to cuddle Finley again this weekend and for her to meet her Uncle J! 
{scarf: urban behaviour, sweater: costa blanka leggings&top: old navy maternity}
I got something in my eye yesterday on our walk and it's wreaking havoc on my eye. I had the worst sleep ever last night as it absolutely burned to close it and I woke up this morning with it almost swollen shut. Lovely. It looks a bit better now but each person that walks into my office gasps asks if I am ok. Therefore you get a chopped head photo. :) You are welcome.
Ok that's it - just promise me to have a fabulous weekend!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Congrats to Whitney!! You are looking great as usual. I am finding clothes so tough right now. I just look chubby and nothing looks "right".

Leigh said...

Ah so exciting to hear that Finley is here! Sounds like you and Easton had a great day together :) Hope your eye is better soon! Try flushing it with some saline solution

Ashley said...

Love those purple skinnies!! Glad you had a great day with East!! Finley is adorable!!! Love today's outfit! Looks super comfy!! Hope your eye feels better soon! Enjoy your warm weekend!!

Nikki said...

Oh yay! Congrats to Wit and the family! Baby is precious!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yay!! Finley is so sweet and adorable! I'm envious of the baby snuggles. LOVE!

So fun that you got to spend the day with Easton. Perfect day too!

The purple skinnies are my favourite! I must find them (or mint ones).

Hope your eye is ok. I hate eye issues.

Gabriella said...

HAHA, Cruz and the bowls! And your brother passing on ice cream? WHAT?!!? Finley is perfect! OH MY GOSH! Congrats to the Mama, Dad, and Big Brother!!!

Rachel Steck said...

Congrats to Whit!! What cute kiddos she has. I love how Tyson is on the porch in one pic, letting Cruz play with Easton like 'I need a break, you play w/him for a bit'. Ha! Cruz is such a sweet girl.
Your little baby bump is adorable! My favorite outfit is the bright pink pants and dark sweater - way cute.
Have fun cuddling Miss Finley! And get your eye back to normal, yikes!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

congrats to them on that new baby girl! so sweet she is!

Mateya said...

Love those purple skinnies...you look great! :)

Carolyn said...

I love your outfits! :) And Finley is adorable!!

Limefreckle said...

it's so exciting to have a close friend have a baby the same time as you! Lucky you!

Try putting slices of cucumbers over your eye(s) and laying down for awhile....it really does help to soothe and brighten them! Cheap and easy...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Whitney and Family!! Love the name.....I have always loved the name Finley! And then to add a Logan to it! Just Love it! She is precious, enjoy her!

Jessica Horton said...

Welcome to the world little Finley!! She is absolutely beautiful! I bet you are over the moon excited for you little munchkin's arrival in October. Such exciting times to come. And BTW, you got those adorable purple pants from Walmart?! That is crazy I never think to look for clothes there. Well I'm going to have to start because those are super cute! You're looking fabulous as usual!!




Katie said...

she is adorable!!! SOOO cute! LOVE the purple pants! and the first outfit - belted - so cute!

Whit said...

Your poor eye!
What would I do without you? Looks like East had the time of his life!! I giggled at your day with him. He loves you SO much!! Him playing with Cruz is hilarious and Ty in the background.
And as always you put together some awesome outfits, you would never know you were feeling yuck in your clothes ;) Can't wait for Monday!

Susannah said...

What a precious, adorable new baby!!! :-)

Kristin said...

Hope the eye is better!