{Weekend Highlights}

Oh this snow seriously has got to go! Shoveling isn't even in my job description and I am over it.
Anyways on to some weekend highlights...
On Friday there was a low light :( At the end of our afternoon walk was Cruz and another dog were saying hello when all of a sudden this dog snapped at Cruz, I didn't think much of it other than to remember to avoid that dog next time. Until we got home and as I was taking her collar off I noticed there was blood all over it, her neck and my hands. And a little chunk out of her ear was missing and it was bleeding like mad. Poor thing. I think I was more upset than she was but luckily J got home shortly after and put some Vaseline on it and the bleeding stopped. Seems ok now as it has scabbed over. :(
That evening Cruz and I dropped Justin off at a buddies and then had ourselves a girls night. It involved a bath and cuddles in bed while I caught up on Revenge and The Following (both shows J has given up on).
Then I picked Justin up and that may have been the highlight of the night. The man was funny. Chatty, goofy and would not go to bed. And then when he finally did - he would not stop snoring until I threatened to go sleep in the spare room. :)
Saturday I had myself a date with Home Sense while J recovered. I had some wedding shower gifts to buy but I love just wandering that place. I cannot wait to shop for the nursery!!
Saturday night we headed out to Innisfail to watch one of Jeff's games for provincials. They won both Friday and the game we saw. I love small town hockey games and the place was packed! It was super fun. We had a good #3 cheering section too with Jolie, Justin, Nana, Amanda and myself. 
Then the biggest highlight of the weekend was they WON on Sunday too taking the Provincials title!! Whoo hoo Eagles!!!
{thank you to Jolie for all the photos}
Good work Brother!!
Sunday I was supposed to go shopping with Leigh but the roads were awful so we called in a PJ day instead and rescheduled. I wish I could tell you I was as productive as Justin was - he actually got dressed, he cleaned toilets, the shower, walked Cruz twice, yada yada. Me....nothing. Oh I did give him a hair cut. And we had the most wonderful nap. The first nap I had that I actually didn't wake up feeling awful and regretting the nap all together. But seriously that's all I did and I will admit it was pretty great.
If you missed this on the ACM awards (like I did)...check out the link below.
I LOVE this song and they were incredible together.
See their performance here.

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Whitney Levash said...

awe poor Cruz :( I was up and down from the basement watching the ACMs :)

Whitney Tomlin said...

Poor Cruz! :( I probably would have been more upset than my pups too!

Murdock's mama said...

Oh no! I hope Cruz is feeling better...how scary!! :( My friend & her dog were attacked last week...it required surgery for both! So fortunate you weren't hurt!!

jen @nutcaseinpoint said...

Cruz and Layla can be ear twinnies! At least until Cruz's heals...Layla legit has the end of her ear missing..haha (not funny).

Courtney Kassner said...

Poor Cruz! Glad it wasn't anything too serious and she's on the mend.

Rachel Steck said...

I'm so sorry Cruz got hurt. That's terrible. Glad it wasn't worse and glad you're okay too. I watched the ACM's and thought of you when Taylor was on the stage, knowing you love her so. I do too!

Ashley said...

Ohhh poor Cruz!! That is funny about Justin!! Lol
I am gunna watch thE AMCs today! I watched the kardashians instead last night!! That sucks that you have snow again!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Poor Cruz! Hope her ear heals up quickly! Definitely tougher on you then her I'm sure.

Haha glad Justin had a great night! Being the DD can be quite entertaining.

Congrats to your brother and his teammates! What does his tattoo say?

Courtney B said...

Serrrriously! It's snowing today in my neck of the woods :(
I LOVE hockey! So fun to watch!

Jessica said...

Ack! I'm so mad I missed the ACM's!!

Sara Turner said...

Poor Cruz, good to know she's alright tho. I got home from Cuba on Saturday, and then Sunday the boyfriend and I drove all over Calgary (literally from marketmall down to cranston and back) running errands in the miserable weather, good thing he's a better driver than I!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

im so glad cruz is okay! and i feel you with the snow, OVER IT.

Kae Schumacher said...

Oh no Cruz! I'm glad she is okay! Her and M have matching ears now! I am over the weather too!!!!

Leigh said...

I totally meant to comment earlier and totally forgot. Sorry friend! :( Poor Cruz...hope she is okay. Congrats to your brother and his team! Looking forward to our rescheduled shopping day...weather isn`t going to stop us this time!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

SNOW?! in April?! REALLY?! and I thought we had it bad. It was 78 degrees here in MD today!

Whit said...

I'm with ya on the snow. Boo to that!
I hope Cruz is doing better - poor girl.
Yayy Jeff!! So excited for them :)
Sounds like an awesome weekend -- and who doesn't love a little TS? Such an awesome song.

Kristin said...

That is so exciting for your brother!