Tracy Anderson: Part 1

When I found out I was pregnant I continued with my regular workout routine as much as I could. I finished ChaLEAN Extreme and continued with some of those workouts as well as Jillian Micheals Body Revolution and definitely took more rest days than I am used to. But each day I would just listen to my body and do as much as I could and some days that was just Cruz's walk. And that's ok. But at the same time it was important to me to keep up some sort of workout routine throughout these 40 weeks.
I had read about the Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project in my Fit Pregnancy magazines and saw a few good reviews on other fit mama pregnancy blogs and decided I would give it a try ($20 on amazon for 9 workout DVDs).
{Molly Sims & Gwyneth Paltrow both did the project }

I was 12 weeks by the time this DVD came in the mail (thank you for taking 6 weeks to ship!) so I started with month 3 then threw in some month 1 and 2.
All you need for these workouts is light weights (2-3lbs is what she recommends - I used mainly 5lb - I still wanted a bit of a challenge and you do a ton of reps), a chair, a mat and maybe a towel {and make sure to drink lots of water throughout}. If you are me, you also need a pesky dog to drop a ball in your face throughout. :) Best part of the workout. 
I like these workouts overall because they are gentle yet tough and I know they are safe for this babe. I can always feel them in my arms, butt and sometimes core even though she doesn't do any typical core work. They aren't cardio which I liked especially when I was beyond exhausted and had a constant headache - the last thing I wanted to do was rock star jumps with Jillian Micheals. blah. So these were the answer.
Each workout includes an arms and legs series. The arm workouts are with weights, the legs are mainly squats and mat work like the photo below.
Here are some if my quick thoughts of each month I have done so far:

Month 1 - 34 minutes 
She wears these high top booties in her workouts...they are strange for workout footwear but really you don't need footwear so it's clearly a fashion thing that I don't get. :)
She is pregnant throughout the videos (which I appreciate). I find she is encouraging through all the workouts and explains something when needed.
I used 5lb for arms throughout.

Month 2 - 37 minutes
Same outfit and booties as Month 1. ;)
She uses a chair for all the leg work in this month, it was different.
I used all 5lbs for arms again.

Month 3 - 58 minutes
This workout feels SO long!! And she does one million (approx!) legs moves.

Month 4 - 36 minutes
She wears a crazy 1 piece workout outfit that she has to adjust over and over so she doesn't "fall out" at the top. And different high top booties. ;)
I used mainly 5lb for arms, 3lbs for a few.

Month 5 - 40 minutes
I used 5lbs for arms - good leg series!
She has to pull up her top many times, gets annoying but maybe I am the only one who notices things like that. I'm certain lululemon would send her a top that fits, just sayin'.

So there we have it so far. I definitely recommend these workouts - I will review month 6-9 once I have done them!
She also has lots of other workout options available on DVD for non-pregnant and after pregnancy as well.

One I do not recommend is this.
Maybe if you have never worked out before it would be great but the cardio workout is a joke really. You would get a better workout going upstairs and then forgetting something downstairs (I may do that a lot!)
I have done the 2nd trimester workout a few times - it's very basic - think squats, lunges, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks yada yada - I kick it up a notch with heavy weights and my bosu.
If you want a good laugh - order this just to see her versions of "pregnancy push ups" I laugh every time. They are ridiculous. Plus her voice is SO annoying. I mute it. Sorry Denise.

That's it for now! :)

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Rachel and John said...

Haha Hilarious! I did Lindsay Brin's videos when I was pregnant. She has strength cardio combo and yoga. I just did the yoga because like you I was too exhausted for the cardio. There is a DVD for each trimester. You are more than welcome to borrow them! Though they might be too easy for you.
I want to try the pregnancy project one next time I'm pregnant! I love that it's just strength and that it goes by month! More variety is better. Thanks for the review!

Whitney Levash said...

look at you go! That lady does have some crazy booties. If it was sanitary to work out barefoot I would! :) I really need to get my butt going now! I feel like a lazy piece of crap now.. :/

Courtney Kassner said...

Thank you so much for this review! It's a huge help! Going to Amazon now!

Tami said...

Yay! I'm so glad you did this review! When I saw these on Amazon for 20 bucks I thought it might be too good to be true but I'm glad to hear that you like them. I will definitely be ordering them for pregnancy #2. And yes, I agree, Denise's voice is not the most fun to listen to. I have never been a fan of her workouts!

Jessica Horton said...

You are such an inspiration! And oh my gosh I'm so excited you posted this!! I did everything wrong in my first pregnancy - I didn't even try to exercise. So I have vowed for my next one to be the complete opposite. And I can not wait to try out these workouts. Thank you so much!



Rachel O. said...

Ah! Love this! I've always wanted to know what workouts would be a good idea for pregnancy.

Caroline said...

I love that you're continuing to work out. You're one HOT mama!

Nikki said...

Way to rock your workouts while pregnant. IF I have kids I will be doing the same thing! Kill it momma!

Rachel Steck said...

You look amazing! And Denise Austin is annoying.

Jessica said...

I really wish I had something like this when I was pregnant! I didn't have the energy though. I was tired throughout my ENTIRE pregnancy :(

Katie said...

i did a denise austin video a long time ago and couldn't get over the things she would say. i end up muted a lot of videos!