Banff wedding & eShakti!


A huge thank you to the lovely people at eShakti for letting me pick another dress to review.
Remember this one I reviewed last time?
This time around I let Justin pick me a dress and he chose this one:
Some others that I love that are currently on the site now that weren't when we picked...
If you have never heard of eShakti they are pretty unique. They offer both style and customization for woman size 0 through 36. 
You can make any dress on their site your own. You can choose the length, the neckline, whether you want pockets or not and you can give them your exact measurements and they will make the dress to fit you to a tee.
Not only do they carry affordable dresses they have skirts, tops and jackets as well.
When I ordered this dress I had no idea if my regular size would fit come this weekend but I went with it and it worked out perfectly and Justin even picked a dress that accommodates a belly!
I loved this dress. It was really comfortable, a nice light fabric and I wasn't worried about how I felt in it. I hoped to look pregnant and not just like a chunky monkey version of myself. ;) Thank you again eShakti!!

Now on to our weekend!!
Saturday morning Justin and I headed out to Banff for a hike before the wedding. When we left the city it was freezing and we drove through snow so we weren't sure what to expect! Once we arrived at Lake Minnewanka it was clear and chilly but not like Calgary and actually the perfect temperature for a hike.
So we set off - the paths were pretty quiet other than a few crazy bikers, that I am certain Justin envied!
What I didn't know what we were in for an adventure! It was more of an "ice hike" than anything which made it tricky, entertaining, sometimes frustrating and still super fun. 
We held hands most of the way so save each other, mostly me, from bailing!
Afterwards we grabbed a snack in Banff and then headed to our hotel to get ready.
Justin made me a fire to warm up before hand! It was a beautiful rustic hotel. And yes Whit I am drinking plain hot water! ;)
Centerpieces...Barb did such a great job with details of the wedding. It was very unique.
 Barb & Dylan - there were 3 of these huge sets! I LOVED these! So fun. They made it on to dance floor later in the night of course!
Nicole & Troy. 
He was such a good little wedding guest - Carla was in the wedding party so he was passed around to Nicole, Sara and I quite a bit and he was such a trooper - the cutest one too!
First dance!! Barb was a stunning bride! And she wore my veil as her something borrowed - very special.
Us girls!
 Goofy one!
 My amazing husband and I.
 Our handsome men.

We had such a fabulous time at the wedding. We fought back tears at the ceremony, ate delicious food, Justin benefited from my drinks tickets, got a great ab workout laughing all night and danced up a storm! Even my "I don't dance" hubby was up dancing with us the entire time and we made it until the very end of the party! There is something special about a group of friends you have known for huge part of your life. No matter how often we see each other it's just like we hung out yesterday. And it makes my heart happy that all of these special girls have just as special guys that make them very happy. And we all have a riot together!
Sunday we got up and met everyone for bunch and then made our way back into town.
First stop: Home Depot. We bought our new BBQ that Justin basically built the entire deck around! ;) It's pretty fancy and will last us the rest of our lives! It better. Thank you again to Mom and Dad, Nana, Gran and Uncle Ken/Auntie Cathy for the Christmas money for it! Now we just need the snow to beat it so we can set it up and get using our lovely deck!

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Whitney Levash said...

Awe! we always seem to blog around the same time it's awesome! How in the heck did you score a dress review? That's awesome, you looked wonderful my dear

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love all the dress and you guys (and the bump) looked super cute :)

Jessica said...

How gorgeous are you?!?!

Limefreckle said...

the dresses are gorgeous! Gonna check their site out for sure for some cute summer dresses. Nice pics from the wedding, it's so great to have lifelong friends to celebrate with!

Pamela said...

Hottie in that dress!!

Betty said...

We have always wanted to visit Banff! We are hoping to make a trip up there this summer...looks beautiful. BTW, love your dress! :)

Joeylee said...

That dress is super cute!!

Leigh said...

Love the dress! Looks like such a fun wedding. Glad you had a great weekend :)

Mom said...

Always love seeing 'The Friends' group shots. So special:) We should have taken one back in grade 3!!

Rachel Steck said...

Justin did an amazing job because that dress is BEAUTIFUL. You look amazing! Glad you had a good time this weekend and thanks for sharing!

Whit said...

hahaha.. nothing like a hot steaming cup of hot water by a roaring fire ;) hahhaa.. LOVE YOU!
Looks like such an awesome weekend. Love the dress and bulge is getting bigger :) and I love that you guys did a hike and got to hang with everyone all weekend. Troy is super cute and your pics are awesome. way to go J for dancing up a storm and to you for making it to the end of the party!! xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

LOVE the dress! Perfect for a pregnant body or not! You look fabulous!

Looks like a fun wedding. Where did they get married? Looks like Buffalo Mountain Lodge?

The bride's dress is stunning and that's so special that she wore your veil!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

second time i heard of this today! ill have to go check it out!
glad you had such a great time :) i LOVE the pics of you and hubby on the chair!

Gabriella said...

Such a gorgeous dress! Justin did great picking it out! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Holly said...

Emerald green is your color, lady!

Nikki said...

The dress looks great on you! Looks like the wedding was a great time!

Carolyn said...

That dress is so pretty! I love the green color!!

Katie said...

i love the dress you picked!! i got one from them awhile ago but it has been SO cold I haven't worn it yet!!

Kristin said...

You would look good in any dress missy!

brittany t said...

awhh what fun wedding pics! and i LOVE both the dresses you got to review from eShakti :)