I just don't know about this weather. Yesterday we walked in capris and a tee and this morning it is freezing. gah.
Today I just have a couple tunes for you. And without a real music video because they aren't out yet. So just close your eyes and listen. First up is by my fav man in country music. No other than the hunky, MUST always wear a cowboy hat, Mr. Tim McGraw. This one is called Highway Don't Care AND it features my girl (who still isn't coming to Calgary and I'm not bitter) Taylor Swift.

AND if it can get just a little better - Keith Urban joins them too!

{apparently all these videos do not like Canada so you will have to click view on youtube if they aren't workin' for ya}

 I am also diggin' this song by Jason Aldean called 1994. Super catchy.

That's all for today! Tomorrow is Friday.....!!!

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Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I love the new Jason Aldean song! Although I love everything he sings:)

Nikki said...

Oh Tim, the things I would do to you! Love him!

Ashley said...

Love that song with Taylor Swift, Tim and Keith!! I say their names like I know them because clearly I should... Haha! Yay for Thursday!!!

Jessica said...

MMM Tim McGraw.

Chrissi said...

love country music! i'm curious....does youtube often not work in Canada? are there other sites that don't? so random, just wondered... XO

Rachel and John said...

I do love the Taylor Swift + Tim song. I love Taylor in all she does. I didn't love her newest CD at first but it's growing on me.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love Keith Urban! We saw him for our first anniversary! 1st Anniversary= paper= concert tickets! He is sooo yummy!

Tim McGraw is pretty awesome too.

We need to do something about Taylor (and every other artist) not coming to Calgary. Maybe they can come do a concert at my house? You are totally invited!

Janna Renee said...

I haven't heard that collaboration. I need to go back to my beloved country stations!

Meghan said...

As much as I want to hate the song because T-Swift is in it, but I LOVE the song! Especially the line about "I bet you're bending God's ear talkin' bout me!"