Happy Wednesday! :) What an amazingly beautiful day here. Despite the fact I'm home today as I woke up with a major ear ache and a pounding head.
I know Cruz and Bailey (it's our turn to look after Nana's pup) are happy about it though - both the weather and me being home. I did pick a bad day to be sick because the only thing on TV is pope pope pope stuff. 
On to some loves...

I'm loving this. It's very me. I try so hard not to worry and then end up worrying about worrying. It's fun.
But then I remind myself of this...
I'm loving visit with the girls and their sweet kids.
This was back in January when I met baby Troy (11 days old here) for the first time.
Me, baby Troy and his big sister Laurel.
Moi, Julia, Laurel, Carla, Troy, Sara and Nicole.
I'm loving these little oranges. I probably eat 6 a day.
I'm loving this vase. I must make it. You just have your husband/dad/brother hollow out a log - put a vase in the trunk and voila. I will be stalking everyone's wood piles at the lake at Easter!
I'm loving this outfit. This weather makes me want spring so badly.

I'm loving that this starts next week! Don't forget to link up.

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Jessica said...

Mmm I need to get some cuties this weekend!

Leigh said...

Hope you were able to get some medicine and that you feel better soon!

Ashley said...

Oh no!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! It's snowing again today... And cold! Mother Nature is apparently bipolar!!

Love that vase!! ! Might have to hit up the farm for some of that freshly cut wood!!

Courtney B said...

Aaaahh!! I need to REMEMBER this link up! So fun!
And those cuties are addicting! So yummy and definitely good for you ;)
Ear ache?? No fun! Do you get those a lot?

SH said...

My three favorite things: Maxi dresses, coral, and chevron. LOVE!

Hope you have a wonderful day :)

The Hartungs Blog

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ear aches are no fun! Hope you feel better.

I want maxi dress weather! I want that maxi dress too!

Jennifer said...

That is such a cute outfit!!