Happy March!


Happy Friday! :) Lily comes tonight for 6 sleepovers with Cruz! She reminds me every time she sees me at school so we are in for some fun.

Last night I had a great dinner with my girlfriends - we shared lobster poutine to start - holy moly my mouth was happy. Lots of wedding talk going on.

On to a couple outfits of the week...

This was my inspiration via:
Moi. I went with no belt and a scarf instead. And added a cute dog. Belt may have been better and given me more of a waist.

Wednesday - Justin told me to wear pink cause it was stop bullying day!

Thank you for my scarf Ash!! She made it!


Have a fabulous weekend everyone. 

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Mom said...

Cruz is going to love having Lily for all those sleep overs. See you Sunday xoxo

Leigh said...

Love the pink sweater and your turquoise jeans...you found those at Wal-Mart? Recently? Have a great weekend!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Girl you have NO idea how excited I am for Spring. Seriously! I'm lovin' that pink striped cardi. You always look fabulous and make me feel like a slacker when it comes to fashion!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love Thursday's pants! I was just saying this morning I want pants that color!

Katie said...

i love the striped skirt - so cute!!!

Gabriella said...

The pink sweater you wore is absolutely adorable! Where did you find it? Happy Friday!

Whit said...

oooh I like the pink sweater too!! Nicely done. Happy weekend!! xox

Tallia said...

I lour outfits! I especially think that it is hilarious that your dog photobombed some of these photos...my dog does the same thing!


Ashley said...

OMG! I commented earlier via my phone and it didn't save!

You are very welcome for your scarf! Love what you paired it with especially those mint jeans!

Love that sweater! Recent find? I think I need one! I don't recall seeing it!

Have a great weekend, which I know you will with Lily around!!

Kristin said...

You dress so cute! Happy weekend girl

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love your pink outfit and your mint green pants outfit the best. The scarf Ashley made you is so nice. I have one pinned that I want to make- just need to make it to the fabric store one of these days. I am so envious that you can wear more casual clothes to work. I don't think I could wear any of those outfits to the office except for Fridays :(

I agree the striped skirt outfit would look better with a belt. I love that skirt! I need to get a nice black and white patterned skirt.

Your hair looks so nice in a ponytail. I have too many short baby hairs that fly away and make it look messy.

SH said...

That pink cardigan and mint pants are amazing!!

The Hartungs Blog

Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I love that striped tee, cardigan and the scarf your friend made you! : )

love jenny xoxo said...

very cute outfits! I love the aqua pants! And the striped shirt you wore Monday. Is it just me or are longer tops kinda hard to find? Maybe i'm just not looking in the right stores.

{love jenny xoxo}

Janna Renee said...

Ooooh Poutine! That stuff is soooo yum!