Fun Friday!

Spring break is coming to an end but bring on the weekend! Yesterday was another great day - Cruz and I went for an awesome walk with Whit, East and Ty - there's nothing better than a good chat with your bestest on beautiful day. I also took some photos of that beautiful belly of hers! 
{Speaking of that belly - check out Whit's NEW website and some beautiful shots of that belly that Dust took - click here}
Justin took the day off yesterday so we spent the rest of the day together - he even BBQ'd ribs for dinner! Perfection.
Tonight we have a date to go to the Flames game together. I'm not gonna lie one of my favorite things about Flames games is the malt ice cream. :) mmm.
Then tomorrow we are headed to the lake! I am so excited to see my cousin Logan and her kids.
As well as Jeff, Jolie, Nana, Auntie Cathy, Uncle Ken and I am sure lots of other lake friends will be there too.
I have no outfits photos for today as all week I was mainly in lululemons, leggings or fuzzy pink PJ pants. :)
So here are a few funnies on your Friday cause that's all I got!! :)
And now I am off to make these:
for Easter dinner {dessert}. I have made them many times before {mainly for Mr.D} and they are always a hit.
Have a fabulous Easter weekend! Eat lots of mini eggs. I already got a head start on this as Whit gave a me a baggie full. :)

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Ashley said...

Love Whits new site!! She looks great!!

Those brownies look awesome!! Have a great date night tonight and a fantastic Easter weekend at the lake!!

Leigh said...

Love those shots of Whitney. She sure is gorgeous :) Hope you guys have a great time at the lake and the game tonight. And I laughed about the comment that you made them for Mr.D. Let's not lie, I ate way too many of those too!

Kristin said...

Have fun at the game and at the lake!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Have a great Easter weekend girlie! and enjoy the rest of SB! xo

Mom said...

With being away, it sure doesn't feel like it is Easter Weekend. We are going to miss being with you and the rest of the gang out at the lake. Hope you have lots of fun! I think I better go out and buy some mini eggs today.

Susannah said...

Have a fabulous Easter weekend, dear!

Katie said...

brownies with rolos in them? YUM!!!

vindiebaby said...

Totally love the family picture :)
Vintage Inspired Girls

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I just love Whitney's new website! Her belly pictures are awesome! She is just gorgeous.

Hope you are having fun at the lake!

Whit said...

We had such an awesome walk with you and Cruz, and it was awesome to be able to see Just too!! Can't wait til' we can do that more often ;)
I hope the weekend was fabulous and you got lots of snuggles in with the kidlets!!

Janna Renee said...

OMG I love dog-shaming!