Weekend Highlights...

This weekend was great - the weather was spectacular which made it ever better! It was so nice to have the patio door wide open (and hear the lovely sounds of the 3 dogs on our street bark for hours on end...ahhhhh.)

On to some highlights...
Friday night we went and had a visit with Justin's Mom Debbie. We just dropped in on her but she was happy with the surprise.

Saturday I was able to get my craft on a little and make a banner for Rachel's little William. I made one for her first little man for his shower and when she did the room reveal I offered to make William one since she has Henry's up in his room. Didn't want him left out!
After braving the grocery store on a Saturday (stupid me) I was ready to enjoy the beautiful day with my girl. We went for a beautiful {almost 8 km} run and Cruz was a happy girl!
Except she wanted to stop and do this every pile we came across!
For dinner Justin BBQ'd a rib feast! It was delicious. Then we watched Argo. It was great, we both really enjoyed it, Justin said he was expecting more just cause it got a lot of hype but overall it was really good.
Sunday we cleaned the house top to bottom, Justin worked on nerdy things, I ironed all my outfits for the week AND ordered a new tank and flow Y bra from lululemon - you can order online with your gift cards (Thank you Debbie & Leigh for my gift cards)! And they have free shipping!!
This is my new No Limits Tank.
Then we went for a visit with Crystal, Troy, Emerson and Nixon. Nixon has grown SO much!! Such a cutie with his big cheeks!
Uncle Justin and Nixon matched!
Silly monkey! With her big girl haircut Crystal gave her.
She is the funniest little girl, the things she comes up with are awesome and she LOVES her cousin Cruzie so much. It makes me so happy.
Nixon pretty much slept the whole time...
...and Emerson pulled out ALL her toys! And loves the camera! It was a great visit.
Then we went to the watering hole to watch a bit of the game and have wings.
Spicy Caesar Sunday for me! Justin only has Rickard's White now that we learned it is Bluemoon! (Thanks pops!)
Took the Cruz for a nice walk after dinner then we watched The Cabin in the Woods. It was creepy and kind of a psychological thriller - got ya thinking.
We watched the beginning, half time and end of the game though so it was a compromise! I thought Beyonce was awesome, I wish I could dance like her!!
And then it was over. Just like that. How sad.
Oh and this was my smoothie this morning - sharing cause it's such a pretty color green and was so tasty! :)
{half a frozen banana, half an orange, 1 cup vanilla almond milk, 1 kiwi with skin (I just read in my magazine how good the skin is for you!), a big handful of spinach and ice. Yum.}

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Leigh said...

Looks like a great weekend! I could handle winter if every weekend was like this one. Wouldn't that be nice? Woo hoo for new Lulu stuff! I actually just ordered myself something to :)

Ashley said...

Love that new tank! I have the same leopard vest from old navy, but in white! I was waiting for the black on clearance!!

Nixon is huge! How do they grow soo fast?

it was cold and snowy here - when did we switch temps?!

Katie said...

i thought beyonce was awesome too! sounds like a wonderful weekend! love that banner and those cute kids!!

Jessica said...

Cruz is so funny in that snow! Haha.
Love me some green smoothies too.

Jamie said...

I love that new tank!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the banner!

Great job on your run! Cruz is the cutest!

Oh I like that lulu tank! It's going to look amazing on you! I love how new workout clothes make me want to workout more! Win win!

Nixon is getting soooo big! Cutie! Emerson's hair cut looks great- I had a cut like that when I was her age.

Mmmm caesars! I can't do spicy though.

Mom said...

Very nice exercise top. Cruzie, Cruzie...she does love her snow drifts. Cute haircut of Emerson.

krink said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks again for the great visit! <3 you guys!
FYI I think you meant psychological thriller, not physiological ;)

Rachel and John said...

Love the banner! I can't wait to hang it! Thanks again! And your smoothie looks awesome!

Gabriella said...

Cruz in the snow is hilarious! I saw that same tank top at Lulu - love it! Marco and I recently watched Cabin in the woods. Creepy!!!

Shay said...

Everyone is posting about the stellar weather this weekend- it was freeeezing here! Jealous!

love jenny xoxo said...

yum the Spicy Caesar a type of bloody? looks amazing!! Super cute tank too!

I'm a new follower :)

{love jenny xoxo}

Sarah and Stewart said...

Gosh I have so many things to comment on! :-) First of all I love that banner, it's so adorable. Also I thought Argo was amazing and was so pleasantly surprised (because my husband forced me to go see it). And finally I love that top from Lulu, I've been wanting it forever. Glad you had a lovely weekend!

Courtney Kassner said...

I WILL be trying that smoothie recipe. My first one was a disaster. I think I had too much spinach/water and not enough fruit.

Love all of your family photos with that cute dog of yours!

The Balch Bunch said...

I want that work out tank BAD!

Whit said...

Argo... we gotta see that one!! Always fun to catch up with the little's. That tank is really cute matches the wicked weather we had!!

Chrissi said...

love all the pictures, especially the pup in the snow! so adorable. totally unrelated to the last picture's context but what nail polish color is that? LOVE it!

Janna Renee said...

Huh...I would have never thought to use the skin!