My better half.

An ode to this guy. 
Cause he's pretty cute. She is too. I know I am lucky to live with them.
I know I drive him crazy by constantly moving his things that are "left laying around", having all our closets too full of shoes, leaving the cords of my curling rod/flat iron on the floor so he steps on them, having my "planned outfits" hanging all over our room, not using the remotes properly, being really loud getting ready in the mornings, stealing all the covers, walking like an elephant, having too many products in the shower...yada yada yada. :) 
But I know how much we really appreciate each other. 
appreciate how hard he works - on our home and at work, how he fights for what he believes in (even if he's not always right!), how he gets up early with Cruz on the weekends, how he shovels the snow and does the jobs around the house that I don't like, how he looks after the vehicle stuff, how he puts up with my shopping and decorating and constant need for perfection. And most importantly how much he loves and does for his girls. We love him just as much.
I love all our moments together - the good, the occasional bad, the tough, the fun, the goofy, the moments we never thought we'd have or have to go through and most importantly the great moments. 
We've had a more than few! :) 

I saw this little quiz on Caroline and Leigh's blog so I thought it was a good addition to today's post. I answered the questions on my own and then sent them to J. 

{1} How long have we been married?
A: 4 years in June.
J: 1343 days or 3 years, 8 months, 2 days. (typical Justin answer!)
{2} When and where did you meet?
A: Riverstone Pub - 8 years ago!?
J: Uhhh, don't remember if it was the first but the Riverstone Pub stands out!

{3}What is his worst habit?
A: Gets frustrated easily.
J: I'm lazy? (are not! You just like naps a lot)
{4}Where was our first kiss?
A: Outside his old condo.
J: Outside my condo one night!

{5}Who said I love you first?
A: I think me.
J: Does Elephant Shoe count? If yes, then you! (ha)
{6} If you were ordering us drinks - what would you order?
A: Me: Wine, You: Richards White.
J: Her: White wine Him: Richards White or Blue Moon. (Same Thing)

{7} What was the worst meal we ever made?
A: Crock pot shrimp and rice.
J: It was so bad we didn't even eat it (Shrimp in the crockpot stands out)

{8} What is your favorite thing about her?
A: How caring I am? Or how patient I am? My white girl ghetto booty? ;)
J: Patience! (I'll keep this appropriate)

{9} What is his favorite movie?
A: Braveheart or Top Gun not sure which is #1. Pretty sure Braveheart.
J: #1 Braveheart #2 Top Gun
{10} What is his dream job?
A: Would have said fire maybe a handyman or mountain biker? ;)
J: This has changed, used to be Fire Fighting. Now anything that allows me to afford my bikes.

{11} What is his biggest pet peeve?
A: Cords on the floor. Barking neighborhood dogs.
J: Dumb drives or electrical cords left on the floor.

We did not bad! :)

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Leigh said...

Glad you played along :) Justin's hair cracks me up in the second to last boy band-ish! :)

krink said...


Erin said...

You two are so stinkin' cute!!! :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Aww this is so sweet! Love the pictures of you guys! :)

Sixth Tractate said...

Lovely post + pictures! Great blog you have here. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

Ashley said...

I'm gunna make M do one with me!! As I had mentioned on both ladies blogs we played a couples game in Jamaica and failed miserably - I couldn't think straight in front of everyone!! We got one right although it may have been a pity because I said Victoria secret perfume and he knew the exact one - love spell haha

Oh and I do the same with electrical cords!!

Rachel and John said...

Super fun Survey!!! I want to do it too!

Caroline said...

Y'all are a smoking hot couple!!!

Katie said...

i loved reading these! i like his answer for how long you've been married. and a ghetto booty? please!!

Kae Schumacher said...

Can you two get any more adorable? I think not ;)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You guys are such a sweet couple! You know each other well which is a good thing!

Jarrett would say the same thing about the cords...

Mom said...

This reminds me of the shoe game at your guys rocked that one too.

SH said...

This is so sweet!!

The Hartungs Blog

Whit said...

Partner's anyone?? I don't think so cause you guys always win. xox

Kristin said...

haha he did a good job!

Nikki said...

You guys are too cute!

Janna Renee said...

Y'all did great! It is so obvious that y'all are meant to be and really in love. That makes me VERY happy. We need good examples of true love more and more these days!