Don't cry over spilled lattes.

This morning I had to pick up lunch for the staff for after our workshops this morning from Good Earth. I decided to treat myself to a latte and one of their wild berry white chocolate scones{because they are delish}. My barista must have thought I REALLY needed a treat cause by mistake he gave me a chocolate filled strudel. I was a little upset until I tasted it. Holy dyna it was delicious and I ate dessert for breakfast. I'm not sad about it.
BUT then as I was carrying tray after tray of sandwiches into the school I knocked my latte and it spilled everywhere. Sad. So it was a good and bad start to my day. 

I will admit though this has been an easier week - I only worked a half day on Wednesday cause I had an appointment, then Thursday and Today was teachers convention! And since we are a private school we do our own thing - so yesterday we met at Starbucks and then went to cooking school again. Last year we did Thai cooking, this year we went with Italian. And we were done at 1:30!
Tough I know.AND we have a 3 day weekend. Amen.

Alright on to some outfits of the week. This week {since we were at the lake over the weekend} I had to throw an outfit together the morning of all week. I am sure this is what most people do but it doesn't work best for me. My brain doesn't like working before 6am and I prefer to plan my outfits for the week on Sundays.



Thursday - Cooking School day for Valentines!
 My brother bought me these shoes. He has good taste in shoes. :) Lucky me.
DIY Heart patches here.

Today - workshops at work means comfy!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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Katie said...

i love the boots on wednesdays outfit! where are they from??

Rachel said...

Hahah love that comic!
Wonderful outfits! I wish John planned his outfits out the night before or something because he is back and forth between out closet and bathroom, leaving lights on and slamming drawers. It wakes up my babies and makes me cranky!

SH said...

I love that you post outfits from each of your days! I love Wednesday's outfit!

The Hartungs Blog

Mom said...

Now that is a pretty easy week for sure. It's nice to have those once in a while. Cooking school sounds like a lot of fun. See you tomorrow....yeh!!!

Jessica said...

Um I'm jealous of your three day weekend! GAH

Caroline said...

You are so cute! :)

Leigh said...

Where did you get your jeans from in the Thursday picture? I like them!

Whit said...

LOL!! I love the poster you found too hilarious.
Ok and I am in love with your shirt from today's outfit. I love JOE.
Sorry about the latte -- looks like me and East may have to bring you one next week ;)

Gabriella said...

Sorry you dropped your latte, but glad you enjoyed your chocolate! Adorable outfits as usual! Enjoy the three days weekend. I am so excited for an extra day off!! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh no!! I would have cried over the spilled latte for sure!
I went to Good Earth for lunch on Wednesday. Yummy food!

I will also be planning all my outfits on Sunday for the week when I go back to work. I find it way too stressful to decide on something the morning of.

I love the maxi dress all winterfied! I'm going to try that with maxi l dress in the spring. I love your comfy outfit and your valentines outfit is my favourite. Those sleeve patches are too cute and the scarf goes so well.

Your brother does have excellent taste! Shoes and solo cups!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I've never tried on jeans at F21, but they look great on you! Makes me think I definitely need to try some on!

Emmett Katherine said...

I really should start planning my outfits out ahead of time, it would probably save me loads of time and prevent some dont outfits!

I love short work weeks and long weekends, which is what I have this week!sucks about the coffee drop, but bonus for your chocolate treat :)