Can I get a whoop hoop!


I'm pretty excited for the weekend. Not that we have any plans. But to me that's perfect. Apparently there is some sort of football game on Sunday? ;) I am not a football girl. I like half time. And chicken wings.

Monday - was a no kids day at work meaning we dress down. My favorite day.

Tuesday - Katie was my inspiration here... I loved this outfit she posted so I saved it to my phone and tried to recreate it.

Wednesday - 

Thursday - 
Today - 
This afternoon I have to go downtown to "smooze" with the big wigs at an oil company who have given us a grant. I am already stressed about getting there and finding parking! ha Justin knows me so well and he offered for me to drive the car instead of the Xterra! :) Less vehicle to park! :) But I do get to check out the new fancy building The Bow.
Well happy weekend all - enjoy!

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Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

weekends without plans are always the best! I can't remember the last time I had one of those!

Ashley said...

I thought Justin drove the Xterra? What kind of car does he drive? lol

Love that dress from hopes!!

I hope you have fun "schmoozing" lol Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Rebekah said...

Weekends without plans really are the best! I have no idea what our plans are but I do know that they will involve that big football game. Sigh... Love your outfits!

Leigh said...

So excited that it's finally Friday! Love your dress from Wednesday. Where is it from?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You can wear Lululemon to work on casual days? Envious! I love every outfit! I especially like the 2 dresses. Good luck with your smoozing today- I hate finding parking downtown too.

Gabriella said...

Enjoy watching that football game, and make sure you cheer for the 49ers! :) Love your dress from today. Hope the meeting with the big wigs went well! Happy weekend!

Mom said...

Looking good as usual. Especially love the dress today. Very nice for heading downtown. Hope you found your way, easy parking and had a good time at the Bow smoozing!

Emmett Katherine said...

i love the dress in the last picture, it's got sucha great print. Also you pretty much nailed Katie's look :)