A photo dump...

...dedicated to Troy! My awesome brother in law!
Happy birthday!

To the old man who: 
- loves trying new and strange beer, the Calgary Flames & pretty much anything hockey
- likes David Beckham almost as much as me BUT is almost as good a soccer player as David 
- has an eye for design and is a great dresser
- is almost always in a hat
- is a great Dad & loves his family
- feels the need to swim in every body of water he comes across no matter the temperature - this is why Cruz loves his Uncle Troy so much!
- is the guy who I can buy clothes for him for his gifts and he is just as pumped as I would be!
Hope you have a great day Troy!!
{Looking at these photos there are a lot of you without a hat Troy!! :) I swear you almost always have one on!!}

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Ashley said...

Love all the pics!! Happy birthday to Troy!

Mom and Dad said...

Happy Birthday Troy! You have had lots of fun times with him (and Crystal) ( and the kids!)

krink said...

Awesomesauce!!! And yes... 90% of the time he is in a hat! :)
Happy Birthday to my handsome husband!!!

Katie said...

happy birthday to troy! so many fun pictures!!

Rachel and John said...

Happy birthday to Troy! I hope you get in on the celebrations!

Kae Schumacher said...

happy birthday to troy! :)

Ashley said...

love that you take so many pics!! cute post lady - happy bday to troy!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday to Troy!

SH said...

Are you from Calgary? I'm from Lethbridge! Small world :)

The Hartungs Blog

Janna Renee said...

Happy Birthday Troy!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Troy!

PS Troy and Justin look SO MUCH alike!

Whit said...

So many memories in these photos!!

Happy birthday to Troy!!