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with Jena & Katie

My friends Carla and Jordan [finally] had their second little bundle last week. I say finally cause the poor girl is always late. Troy Andreas came 11 days late but is beyond perfect.
I mean - if this photo isn't the cutest thing you see today then you are seeing some ridiculously cute stuff!
I am so excited to cuddle him and see big sister Laurel on Saturday.
{Troy is Jordan's middle name, Andreas is Carla's Dad name}
Both of Carla's kids have her beautiful eyes. Lucky kids.

I am officially obsessed with Kale Chips.
They are delicious and nutritious. I had them once when a co-worker made them and then once at Christmas when our friend Rock made them and loved them so I finally remembered to buy some kale.
And kale is so cheap!
All I did was cut the kale up (next time I will cut it into "chip" size bites).
Massage it with extra virgin olive oil so it is lightly covered. Then I seasoned it with pepper and sea salt. 
(Rock used Hy's seasoning salt and it was delicious too!)
Then I baked it at 350 for 10 minutes, flipped it and baked it 6 more minutes.
Then I ate it all.

We watched 2 new shows this week.
The premiere of The Following - it was SO good. I cannot wait for the next episode!
 And we watched the first episode of season 1 of Shameless. It was good, a little strange, I need to see more.

The end. Can I get an amen that tomorrow is Friday!?

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Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

I always have a ton of kale leftover in those huge bags from trader joes! now i know what to do with it!

Leigh said...

Don't give up on Shameless... I promise you will like it! Well maybe hate the parent's, but it does get better!

Ashley said...

Can't say I've ever tried kale!! Or those shows! Love the last quote!!! And those babies are c-u-t-e!!!

Purple Daisies said...


Yes it has been a looooong week........:(

P.s. love all your posts this week!!

Katie said...

that picture is SO cute!! i love the name too! I've never had kale chips. what do they taste like?

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love kale but tried to make chips once ( a couple yrs ago) and they were horrible. I need to try again!

Rachel Steck said...

Amen! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

adorable pics!

Mrs. H said...

I heard Shameless is really good. Now I'm going to give it a shot!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a sweet lite boy! Precious photo of brother and sister.

I made kale chips once before and I think I burned them? I just remember it not working out. I'll try them again. I made tortilla chips the other week and they sort of turned out! The recipe said to bake them for 8 minutes then flip- that was wayyyyy too long so the first batch was a tad crispy- aka garbage!

Caroline said...

We're watching Shameless Season 1 too. It's insane!!!

Whit said...

I love that photo of little Troy & his older sister. SOOO cute!!
And Kale Chips??? Really?? I've only had them once with truffle oil, either it was the truffle oil or the kale, but something wasn't good.
I love your quote at the end too and we pvr'd The Following. Can't wait to watch. I've heard good things :) xox

Gabriella said...

Adorable baby, and I love kale chips - so good!

Mom and Dad said...

Such a cute photo of the kids:). Mm mm those kale chips sound interesting. Maybe we will give that a try down here. We have been really good and not eaten hardly any junk food.

Kae Schumacher said...

Ohhhh how adorable!!!
Kale chips?! I am going to try this!!!! Sounds delicious!
Love the quote, Milli has been snuggling me all week, I think she knew her mom wasn't feeling well!!!
xxoo loves

Katie Did What said...

OMG I need to try kale chips. YUM. And those babies!!!! Talk about giving one baby fever! Too adorable!

Thanks for linking up! :)


Melissa said...

Such beautiful little kids! I also love Kale Chips YUMMY! i also just love the quote at the end about dogs, they are so sweet aren't they? :) Happy Friday!

Adrian {Happy Girl} said...

Gorgeous kiddos! I've made kale chips once and wasn't too into them. I'll have to give it another try. I watched the following premiere also and thought it was crazy! Can't even imagine that sort of thing happening, but it does. I'm actually looking forward to watching the show!