Niece & Nephew love..

This past Friday night Emerson and Nixon came to spend the evening with us.
I'm not sure who was happier, Cruz or us! We LOVE spending time with these two kids - we love them to bits!
Cruz and Emerson are the best of buddies. 
From this: 
to this:
Someone tell me how she got so big!
Tippy toes in her favorite drawer of Auntie's.
Emerson was lovin' on her Uncle Justin big time!
She helped him BBQ and all throughout dinner she was praising their cooking skills. "mmmm I like ribs", "mmmm I like potatoes" over and over. So cute!
This little man just slept the night away...
Don't mind your crazy aunt. She takes a lot of pictures. You will get used to it. :)
These two did a lot of snuggling. I was ok with it cause they are so darn cute. Both of them. :)
Eye balls!! 
You guessed it - call for more pictures!
Best smiles for Uncle!
We got goofy! :)
GREAT way to spend a Friday night with our niece and nephew. :) And glad Crystal and Troy could get out for a [much deserved] night out and a quick visit with us too!
And I will leave you with this...

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Murdock's mama said...

You are such an awesome auntie!! <3 it!

Leigh said...

They are adorable and so happy you got to spend the night with them :) I wish my nieces lived closer, so we could see them more often

Jessica said...

OMG, they are adorable!!! GAAHhhh

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

awe they are adorable dear! :)

Ashley said...

Your quote is perfect!!!

Those kids are too cute!!! Emerson is at such a fun age!! Love all the pics!!

Katie said...

she is SOOO cute! and I'm sure seems so much bigger now that she's next to a little baby!!

krink said...

Thank you sooo much for watching the kids for us on Friday! Troy and I had a really nice time and we appreciated the 'adult' time!!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

LOVE!! I want to bring Brooke over for ribs when she finally makes her debut...why you gotta live so far?? waaaah. :*( Seriously, your home is so inviting and I love everything about all of these warm and fuzzy photos. Hope you're doing well girl; thinking about you all the time!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow Nixon has grow a lot!! The newborn stage is sooo short!
C&T have no idea how lucky they are to have an awesome Auntie and Uncle for their kids! You guys are amazing!

I can't believe how good Cruz is!

RachelSteck said...

What cute kiddos! Looks like you had a fun night.

Sara Turner said...

Babies and dogs make for the cutest photos ever!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

She has gotten so big! Love those shots of her with Cruz! Glad you guys got to spend time with your niece and nephew!

Karen A. said...

Such adorable pictures! puppies and kids always make the cutest pictures :)

Kae Schumacher said...

Beautiful sweethearts :)
so glad you and J got to spend lots of time with them!
xxoo loves!

Momma StJ said...

So stinking cute!