Movies & Snowshoes...


Well back at it...I'm tired...I put chocolate milk in my coffee this morning cause we are out of white milk totally ok with me... :) I guess I can't complain it's been 16 days since I've been to work and it was nice to see all our students back today...but I miss Justin and Cruz already! It was so nice to be at home with them both for these 2 weeks.
We got into quite the routine - busy all day doing jobs around the house, errands, working out and then come dinner time we would veg on the couch with a cocktail (red wine = me, rum & coke pressed = J) and watch a movie. It was pretty perfect.

Here the movies we watched...
This was one good. It had Charlie Hunnam in it so really it could have been awful and still been good! ;)
This one was pretty cheesy but had some funny parts...
Great. We love all the Bourne movies.
LOVED this movie. This was my favorite one we saw over the holidays. I also love Denzel.
This was a good watch.
This movie (for me) was confusing. It was good, Justin really liked it but I found it really hard to follow.
Justin LOVES comic books and therefore REALLY loves when they are turned into movies (even though he dissects them in regards to how accurate they are to the comic!) :) This was a great one even for a non-comic book lover.
LOVED the first Taken and the sequel was pretty good too. I feel like it could have been a little longer like it was missing something...but still great. Liam Neeson is awesome.

One of my favorite things we did over the holidays was snowshoe/hike. Justin bought me snow shoes & poles for Christmas even though we weren't buying each other gifts for each other cough cough.
So while at the lake Mom, Cruz and I went for a nice long trek on the ice and then the next day Justin, Cruz and I did another trek up in the pathways near the train tracks.
Cruz LOVED all the deep fresh snow we found...
Cruz pushed me...or maybe I just fell trying to sit on a log...hard to say. ;)
Then this past week we ventured out to West Bragg Creek hoping to go for another snowshoe hike but the snow just wasn't good enough and there wasn't enough of it. So we just hiked with the shoes on our back!
Justin surprised me with a nice cold glass of wine when we got to the top!
We got these mini wine bottles in our stocking.
Typical Cruz shot!
I also got new snow pants from Debbie - I had to return the ones she bought me but we found these in the kids section at Sport Chek! :) They are perfect and were way cheaper!
It was an awesome day! 
I will be back tomorrow with hopefully the rest of our Christmas and holiday recap - being away from the blog this long makes for a big recap needed for a photo crazy like me!
Happy Monday everyone! :)

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Ashley said...

I wanna see this is 40! M just watched the dark knight one.

Can you believe that I have never snowshoed?!

I hope you are having a great day back at work!! Sounds like your holidays were fun!

Pamela said...

Oh how fun!!!

Leigh said...

I haven't seen any of those movies! I did watch: Perks of being a wallflower, we bought a zoo and trouble with the curve on our flights to and from NYC. Have you seen Pitch Perfect yet? A must watch :)

Rachel and John said...

You really did watch a million movies eh? But that's what holidays and the winter are for! I love Liam Neeson an unhealthy amount. We watched a lot of movies with him in it this break too (I think 4).

Love that you got snow shoes! I think that would be fun!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I loved This is 40. Too funny!We also watched a ton of movies, also watched Guilt Trip, We Bought a Zoo, Wall Street Never Sleeps, The Sitter and tons of Christmas movies.
I want to go hiking this winter! Was it a trail you went to?

Jessica said...

We loved Taken but I still haven't seen Taken 2!

Becca Moss said...

Mmmm, Charlie Hunnam nuff said! ;)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'll have to add those movies to my watch list. I've never watched any of the Bourne movies-- maybe just clips here and there. I really want to see "This is 40!"

Love Snowshoeing-- you know, the one time I've done it! I definitely want to do it again. I'm sure Jarrett would jump at the chance to do it again. LOVE that Justin brought wine. Smart man!

Kae Schumacher said...

Hehe! I have to start hanging with you and J so I can keep up with movies! I have seen a couple of those!!!
Love the snowpants, and I am super jealous of the snow shoes! J is so sweet surprising you with wine!!!
Hope your first day went well!

Mills said...

The surprise wine is so cute and thoughtful!

I just watched "This is 40" a few days ago and had the same reaction. Thought it was funny but too long.

RachelSteck said...

So funny how Cruz loves to just lay down in the snow!