Loves...& confessions.


Happy Wednesday! :) I know, it's going to be next Christmas by the time I get to my Christmas post..
I confess: yesterday I was lazy and then I forgot to ask Mom and Dad to send me a photo and then and then and then. Maybe tomorrow. :) Until then, on to some loves...

I'm loving my new scrabble app. My Mom got me hooked on it over the holidays. Best 99cents! :) 
I confess: I think the computer I play against cheats and just makes up crazy words that I don't know.

I'm loving this video for Taylor's song "I knew you were trouble". It's my "rock out" song in the truck. With the base you just want to shake your head and dance which I do! Justin loves it - right babe! :) 
Check it out - it's just so different for her.
I confess: I am still upset with TSwift that she isn't coming to Calgary on her tour especially since she keeps sending me and the rest of her fan club emails that she is adding shows left right and center. grr.

I'm loving the dinner we had last night at Mom and Dad's (with Jeff and Jols). They went all out. Sushi appetizer  Lobster, Dad grilled steak & shrimp. Rosotto, veggies, salad and then frozen yogurt with raspberries for dessert. mmmmmm. 
I confess: It was one of those meals that this morning I wish I eaten more of!
Thank you again!

I'm loving the will power I have to not shop shop shop with all the tempting items Hope's and Kiki La Rue are adding to their shops! I have a few weddings this spring/summer so I NEED a cute dress or two right?! I am doing a no shopping January so not this month. :) Go me.
I confess: I bought Justin a present yesterday but I am doing a no shopping FOR ME freeze so it doesn't count.
PS. Don't forget to enter the chance to win 1 of 2 $50 credits to Hope's shop - I announce the winner Friday!!

I'm loving all these:
I confess: I really wish it was Friday.
The end.

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Katie said...

love all your quotes!! Good for you for not buying any clothes - I hope you can do it! those two shops make it quit tempting!

Rebekah said...

I LOVE that song too! I'm on a no spending month too, if its not vital I'm not getting it! I love all of those quotes!

Ashley said...

Love the quotes as usual! Keep thinking positive!!! I didn't know that Trouble was her song at first! I was surprised to see it was her! M even admits tat the song is growing on him!!!

Glad you had a great dinner last night with the fam!!

I need to go on a no spending after this month! Haha

Jessica said...

I love me some T Swift!! Hope she comes near you soon.

Amanda said...

EEE! I love that you used the print I made :) I'm glad it's part of some of your 2013 mantras. although, just being is hard work. I'm making myself wear all my clothes and shoes before I even think of purchasing new ones, although some of my sweaters are worse for the wear so are going to need to go after this season is over.

Sara Turner said...

I really wish it was friday too! I'm also doing a no shopping month (have to recuperate my funds post christmas shopping).

Sara Turner said...

Hey, it's I still use the old one, I've just split the content up better!

Rachel and John said...

You are too funny! What did you buy him??

Whit said...

ooooh I like that video. I already love the song ;) Not to mention I love TSwift too!
Fabulous posters!! xox
Ps. only one work day until Friday!!

Adrian {Happy Girl} said...

I must confess that Taylor Swift song made me get her new album! The video is nothing I would have imagined for it though! It's so catchy, I totally rock out to it in the car also!

Kae Schumacher said...

Don't forget a winter wedding too ;)
love t.s.'s whole cd! jam out to it all the time!
xxoo loves!

Holly said...

Oh my gosh, that dinner sounds awesome sauce right now. I am starving! And I'm sorry about Tswift... Big Holly is seeing her in StLouis... with my mother in law who is a bigger fan than me. Awkward City. :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow that dinner sounds amazing! My mouth is just watering reading about it!

I've never heard that TS song! I think I need to buy her CD- next month that is.

Yay for willpower! Haha I like how you bought something for J though! Sneaky!

Septorinoplasti said...

Great post! Will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the info!

Mills said...

That meal has me drooling. Lobster and rissotto, sign me up!!