I {heart} DIYs.

Yesterday I got to have a surprise date with this little munchkin!
I picked her up after work - we took Cruz for a walk, played at the park then played in the basement (while I did my workout cause I didn't know how long we would get to keep her!) and then played some more with Uncle Justin when he got home!
Cruz loved to attack her with kisses each time she came down the slide and Emerson would kill herself laughing and then do it all over again!
We had a great time with her - as always! And then Jolie came for dinner and we watched The Bachelor - so for a Monday it was pretty darn great!!
On Friday Katie posted about doing a DIY project over the weekend of sweater elbow patches. I have had this pinned forever too and decided it was a good DIY for me to tackle this weekend.
Justin always teases me because I love "grampa" sweaters!
I followed this tutorial here and it was so simple.

I did I have to cheat on my no spending and buy a couple things for this DIY but I used a 40% coupon so it was less than $10 for the whole project.

You need:
A wool sweater (I used one I already had)
A felting needle
Foam or a sponge (I used 2 sponges I had and just taped them together!)
A cookie cutter in the shape you want the patches (I used a heart one I had)
Wool Roving
An iron
(a coffee!)
To start - put your sweater on and mark with 2 pieces of tape where you want the patch on your sleeve. Do this to both elbows. Carefully take off your sweater so the tape doesn't fall off.
Put the sponge between the 2 tape marks in the sleeve. Align the cookie cutter on the sponge in the correct spot.
 Pinch a bit of the wool roving and place it in the cookie cutter and fill the heart (I used 2 different colors because I thought I might run out of the 1 color but it really doesn't take very much wool). 
Then start poking through the wool roving into the sponge using the felting needle.

[note: the needle WILL break if you stab your finger. And your finger will bleed for a long time. Apparently they are really sharp. Thankfully I did this on my last patch and near the end of this project.]
Take the cookie cutter off and fill in the spots that are missing wool until it is nice and flat. 
You will also want to poke the edges a little more because there will be some stray pieces...
When you are done - carefully peel the sleeve from the sponge.
Repeat on the second sleeve.
 When you are done both patches, lightly spray the them with water and then set your iron on the wool setting and press both patches.
Ta da!!
Next time I will use a better shaped heart, mine is kinda long. But I am please with the finished product...
If you are confused by my tutorial see this one here - it was simple enough for me to follow and her sweater is so cute.
I am excited to wear this on Valentine's Day!

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Leigh said...

Sounds like a great Monday! Love how the sweater turned out too :)

Shay said...

That is the most clever diy- I love how yours turned out! And I love how you making working out a priority! I really need to be better about that

Tennille said...

I just saw your comment on Leah's post. We go to the States often, so if you wanted to order a book, I could give you my US address, and I could pick it up for you and mail it!

Nikki said...

This came out so cute!

Mills said...

Sweater came out good! I also like all the wine in the background :)

Katie said...

it turned out so cute!! I love it!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks like a fun afternoon with Miss E! I'm so impressed that you completed your workout with her over. There really is no excuse is there? :)

Cute DIY! I've been seeing these felt elbow patches everywhere.

Mom said...

Nice surprise to have some fun time with Emerson. Sweater looks fun. I don't really get how you did it so I will have to wait to see it!! A little dense I am!!

Mrs. H said...

This turned out so cute! I'll definitely be trying it out this weekend

Kae Schumacher said...

So glad you got to see Emerson! Love the sweater :)
xxoo loves

Ashley said...

Looks awesome and just in time to wear for V-Day!!! Love the pick of you and Emerson!!!

emma said...

that is such a cute idea, i love the hearts!

Kristin said...

this is really neat!!

Whit said...

Looks like you and Emerson had lots of fun!! That's a super cute DIY idea :) Nice work.