High Five Friday


Oh hi there Friday. Aren't you just my favorite today. Thank you for taking sooooo long to get here.

Can I just say, as much as I love all my boots - I am so very ready for non-boot weather. 
Come on Spring! 
{as Mother Nature laughs in my face and says "Alison - you live in Calgary...Spring will be here in May". Maybe.}

My inspiration was the wonderful Ashley. I have had these grey tights for ever and I just didn't know how to wear them until I saw Ashley pair them like this...with polka dots!

Me. Not sure I love it with the high low dress. Cruz either.


{I tie a lot of my regular scarfs at the back and turn them into circle scarves.}

Cruz should have told me my butt was in the way of the chalk board! Geesh.

Sweater: French Connection, Leg warmers: Lace & Grace


And there we have it. :) Justin has come down with a man cold. It's the worse kind ya know. He is grouchy and coughy. So I left him in and bed and put Cruz in charge! 
Please make it go away so we can enjoy this weekend. ok thanks.
Have a good one!!

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Dad said...

I am attempting this again and see if I can get it right and post only ONE comment! You looked great each and every day! Hope Justin feels better very soon. XOXO

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

awe. I know I can't wait either, my pretty spring flats are just staring at me wanting some attention. :(

Purple Daisies said...

Love the sweater for Thursday!!! Ok I NEED one!!!
Love the dresses too!! Omg did I just say that? !! Lol
Feel better soon Justin, we have all had the flu, one kid a day then a good day in between makes for one looooong week!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I should really start copying YOUR outfits, always jealous how cute you look!

Whit said...

Always the stylista (just go with the spelling)!! Love those big brown boots.
Good luck with the man cold -- Yikes! I mean get better soon Just!!

Ashley said...

Oh no not a cold!!! You better not catch it!! Feel better soon Justin!!! It's FRIDAY!!! Tomorrow is SATURDAY!! This excites me for you!!

Love all the outfits!!

Tyah Ferguson said...

OMG Wednesday's outfit I absolutely LOVE!!! HF4F !!

Kae Schumacher said...

Oh no! I hope Justin doesn't get the flu like I had! Miserable! Hope he feels better!
Love all the outfits and the gray tights!
loves! Happy Weekend

Gabriella said...

That first quote is so my life. Homie sheds so much! Fun outfits this week! Hope Justin feels better!!

Shay said...

So so cute- my fave is your Tuesday outfit. What a great tip about the scarves too!

Jenny Hill said...

I hear you about spring and summer - so ready for winter to be done and it is still January. Ugggg.
Yesterday after I picked the kids up from dayhome I said "wow, it is a nice day out." and Jackie pipes up and says "not really, it's not summer"
Of course I laughed - they can't wait to get back to camping.

Caroline said...

You look awesome! I love these outfits. You don't want to see what I wear now days!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm still loving boots!! I just hope I can find enough dressy outfits in my existing wardrobe so I can wear them to work. I can only wear jeans on Friday and leggings are frowned upon. Do you have any skinny dress pants? I've never bought any before so I don't know where you look.

My fav outfit is the last one with wine jeans and striped top!

Oh the man cold! Sorry to hear you have to deal with that! Hope J gets better so you guys can have a fun weekend!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I love Wednesday's chevron top!! Super cute! I hope Justin feels better soon! Being sick is no fun (especially if you end up getting it)!

Morgan Reece said...

Cute blog! Just found ya through a friend! Cute outfits by the way. :)



amy (metz) walker said...

Well, aren't you just smokin hot? And I love those tall brown boots you were rocking.

thompson said...

girl i hear ya--so ready for the spring weather! super cute outfits. oh and i love that we spell our name the same way...the right way :)

Katie said...

love them all but that purple dress one is my favorite!! you are so cute! happy monday sweet friend! :)