Baking day!

I know I mentioned this before but just before Christmas Whit and I took a day to do some baking (as in 4 recipes) and she also took all my photos for the Hope's post...remember these...
PS. Have you see her new arrivals - like this:
{I am so getting this for wedding season! But in coral!}
this is too cute:
and I SO want this - bright chevron - yes!
Her new additions never last long so if you want something you've gotta snatch it up real quick! :)

Ok back to baking...Justin wanted to take our photo - this takes some preparation...

So I know we won't be doing Christmas baking for a while but I thought I would share what we made:
Home made Cream Cheese mints
These were good - we put a little green food coloring in them and obviously forgot the step to smash them with a fork. Shoot. I think this was my job.

Pistachio Fudge
This was very tasty if you like pistachios (did you know it's vanilla and almond extract that give it the pistachio flavor!? I know, we were surprised too)

Homemade Turtles
These were so so so delicious. They were gone real quick.

Melting Moments cookies
These too were very tasty. They are sort of like a short bread but they just melt in your mouth and have icing and chocolate. How could they not be good?!

There we have it. And it's even more fun when you are baking with your bestie! And tasting your creations as you go! :)

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Shannon Page said...

You look so cute:) These baked goods are making my mouth water too! Looks so yummy!

Ashley said...

Mmmm those turtles and melting moment cookies look delish!! Might hafta give them a try!!

Jessica said...

Cream cheese mints are SOOO good.

Sara Turner said...

Oooh all that baking looks so good, if only I wasn't trying to eat healthier this month (I've got sugar free jello in my fridge at home, how sad is that?)

Also love the chevron peplum (sp?) dress!

Katie said...

yum!! i want to eat one of those turtles! they all look so good! and love the colors in all those dresses!

Caroline said...

Love those dresses!!!! And yum on those desserts!

Amanda said...

4 recipes in one day? Dang you're good! I think I'm going to be baking my all-time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe tonight because I've been craving them and wanting to use my Kitchen aid to make them :)

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

mmm they all sound delicious!

Kae Schumacher said...

great dresses~ omg...I want them all!

Shay said...

I want the dress you want in coral- SO CUTE!

Leigh said...

No buying are on a spending freeze remember?! Though they are all super cute.

ps- you meant best friend right? ;)

Ali W. said...

hahahahaha I love the getting-ready-to-take-the-pic photo the most!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love the second dress! You would look great in the first dress-- me not so much!

All that baking is killing me! I just want to whip out my mixer and make some! Must resist the temptation!

You two are too cute all primping before your picture! I do the same thing!

Whit said...

Definitely a fun day!! :) Those dresses are cute. xox