New recipes: Take 3

Well ya win some ya lose some when you try new recipes. I am pretty easy to please. My hubby  - not so much. But I really enjoy trying something new recipes and planning out meals - I plan on getting back at this again after the holidays...
Alright on to some bad and some good..

Let's start with the VERY bad!
Cajun Shrimp and Rice in the crock pot.
A: Let me start by saying - we had Popcorn for dinner this night. The above photo looks delicious. 
This is what ours looked like. 
It smelled so fishy cause of the shrimp - it was just mush. Gross. I am totally ok with meals often not turning out great but this one in my opinion [and Justin's!] was inedible. ha
On another note - Whitney made this AFTER me (brave woman) and her was edible. So I dunno!

A: I really like this recipe, it had great taste and was pretty simple. Justin would just prefer regular tacos. I get it.

A: I liked this a lot. DELICIOUS! We didn't add beans cause someone doesn't eat beans but it was tasty. Easy. Spicy.

A: This was tasty and super easy! Leftovers were good too! [I served it over wild rice]

A: I really liked this. It was very lemony and delicious. 

Garlic Chicken with Orzo
A: For this recipe I used orzo from Stock Fine Foods and I added mushrooms (and a pork chop on the side) and didn't use chicken or spinach. I liked this a lot. Justin complained about there being too much garlic  - more then once. ;)

So there we go! 
Now I'm hungry.

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Ashley said...

Hahaha - I think I might be pickier than Justin - just sayin!! I am far from brave in the kitchen!!

Poor M doesn't get any fish in our house - thanks to MY allergies! Although I cannot even stand the smell of it either, it's like my nose knows better!

I need to hop on the meal planning train now that I will be working more hours in the new year!

Mills said...

I've never even considered shrimp in a crockpot. Hmm.. may have to try that.

Jessica said...

I love shrimp scampi style pasta!! So good and so easy.

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I keep things simple as far as recipes go. I always check to make sure I like all the ingredients before cooking it. It's always great to have a plan B on the side when recipes FAIL. But really.. who wants to cook twice? I'm lucky to do it once haha

Becca Moss said...

Mmmm now I'm hungry! These all look terrific, I'm still learning my "way around the kitchen" so to say, but I'm making progress! However, I have been meal planning and it's been working out swell as long as i can remember to put the frozen meat into the refrigeration the night before! Speaking of, I forgot to last night, oops! Looks like we're having soup and grilled cheese for dinner tongiht....

Whit said...

Now I didn't say that the cajun shrimp was anything to write home about ;) but it was somewhat edible. Sans the shrimp. I am SOOOO stealing all of those recipes. I love when you review them!! Thank you. :) xox

Leigh said...

Looks like some good recipes! We haven't tried anything new lately...I have no desire to find new recipes lately. It's bad!

Janna Renee said...

I think the first one should be sauteed and then added to rice verses cooked altogether in the crockpot. Or maybe even baked like a casserole. Everything else looks yummy!