Merry Christmas Eve...

This weekend was fabulous - mixed in with a lot of yuck - and it sure was a cold one!
Friday we dropped Cruz off at my parents. Visited with Dad. Then dropped stuff off at Debbie's. Emerson did a dance for us and then we were headed south.

Like I mentioned Friday we headed out to Dustin and Whit's for the day..we exchanged gifts, Whit and I baked our hearts out (4 recipes!), the 3 guys went on a shopping trip in the mini (I know!) and Dust and Just played a lot of darts (too cold and the rinks weren't even open for hockey). Whit and I did a photo shoot in the freezing cold (more on that in the NY!), we chatted, we laughed, we chased East around the house - my heart was full. It was a great day.
Friday night we were at Blake and Karen's annual Christmas party, it was a great time and nice to catch up with them and others we don't see often - we stayed the night since they live way down south. Except I was up at 4am with an ugly belly ache which turned much worse. :( There is nothing worse then being sick in someone else's house. Luckily Justin got me home quickly and I somehow survived the long drive home.
And spent the rest of Saturday like this...
Not sure if it was a bug or something I ate but it was ugly! And I was SO mad because I had so much to do...but luckily I felt much better when I woke up on Sunday.
So Sunday we layed low, I did make some dog treats, wrap the last present, we ran a couple errands and tidied up the house. And had a really great nap!
Then it was time for Christmas #1 with Justin's side of the family! It was awesome. We had a ton of fun - Emerson was definitely in the Christmas spirit and super excited which made it that much better.
The girl who can sit for 10 stories in a row sat for 1 page of her new book!
She loved her 'space' helmet as she called it from us for her bike she will get for Christmas.
She put it on and said "ok let's go to space!"
 She also loved her teeter totter from mamaw!! So fun!
Even Auntie loved it!!
Nixon slept the night away but we were able to get in some cuddles. He is so sweet.
We had an amazing dinner and exchanged gifts. Crystal made some very thoughtful gifts this year that I will share when we put them up. We are so lucky to have such amazing families on both sides. And we just can't get enough of our niece and nephew. They are the best - I'd take them home if I could! :)
Justin and I then braved the grocery store at 9:00pm. dundundun. 

Well - A very Merry Christmas from our little family to yours..
Our 2 cards this year...
created by etsy shop Whimsical Creations printed @ Costco

(a picture of it cause they won't let me save the image.)

As always the lovely photos are c/o Whitney Cowan Photography.
Only the BEST photographer out there! End of story.

Ok now go have yourselves the most wonderful time. I may be MIA for the next oh let's say 10 days but we'll see. Off I go to prep meals and clean the house! I'm SO excited. Santa's coming!!!! :)

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like a wonderful time despite the awful belly ache! Poor you!

I love your Christmas cards and for sure next year we are going photo ones. You incorporated my favourite colour- grey! :)

Mills said...

Glad you are feeling better, I spent Friday sick..ugh, not fun.

I love the lil tutu she is wearing, adorable!!

Ashley said...

I hope you had a great Christmas~!! I cant wait to hear all about it!!! I tried texting you.

Jessica said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!! Loveee both your Christmas cards. :D

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

LOVE your Christmas cards! Both so cute! Merry belated Christmas, friend! Sorry you felt yucky there for a bit.

Burun Esteti─či said...

Yes, i agreed with the ideas that can provided in the post.
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Kristin said...

ohhhh love the Costco one!!

Ashley said...

Being under the weather is the worst...but glad you're feeling better!!

Love the cards!!