I win for Fridays longest post ever. Then end.


 Yesterday started bright and early when I could hear Emerson calling "Auntie get me outta here!" meaning her play pen she was sleeping in. :)
So we got busy playing.
She enjoyed Cruz's kennel and had "sleepy time like Cwuz".
Then we made a picture for Nixon - she was "painting".
After nap it was lunch and her bitter beer face. 
 Then she let me do her hair and get her all dressed up to go meet baby Nixon.
I made her a headband and big sis shirt {and Nixon a baby bro shirt to match}.
And yes I know, she is the cutest. 
 And then I melted.
I love him.
I am so thankful for the past 2 days. I got to spend some great quality time with my niece and then got to meet Nixon when he was less than 24 hours old.
And he is perfect.
 A huge thank you to Crystal and Troy for putting me down as a support person so I could get my trusty green bracelet!! 
And for handing him over and letting me have a good long cuddle. THANK YOU!
know Uncle Justin can't wait to get his hands on him too!! Come home soon PLEASE.
 Proud Papa.
He looks so much like Emerson did when she was a baby it's crazy! Just a bit bigger and a bit rounder face. Oh my gosh I love him.
Perfect little family. :)
Crystal looked amazing for everything she had been through the day before. Seriously. You rock Krink.

Ok moving on...for now. ;) And now you get a bunch of randoms.
 This week was a little different so I only have 1 outfit and it's nothing special. womp womp.
Love these F21 earrings I got in Vegas.
 Our pretty mantle - love the house at Christmas!!
 Mom made me this awesome headband! I love it and wear it almost every morning!
 Someone loves the snow wayyyy too much. Especially when it's freezing and I just want to walk and she  feels the need to roll around fifty thousand times. 
I do like when the trees look all pretty...
 Cruz got into the Christmas spirit. :) She loved it. Maybe I just loved it. No one know really.
 We put up the tree in the bonus room. Justin is the ribbon master.
 And done. Christmas PJs. Pretty tree. Crazy dog. Cuddles on the couch. :)
Does it get any better?
And I will leave you with this. :) 
We have lots of fun stuff planned this weekend [includng more Nixon time I HOPE!!] but I have already talked? written? you ear off. 
So - Happy Weekend!!!

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RachelSteck said...

Emerson looks like a doll. For real. Nixon is adorable. Cruz rocks. LOVE the F21 earrings! And as always thanks for sharing bits of your life and being so sweet. Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Love that head band your Mom made!! Might have to try that!! You are pretty much one of the best aunts out there!! I bet Emerson had a blast!! I just love Cruz's corner!!

Mike hates ribboning the tree... he would rather put 100 bulbs in vases than ribbon the tree!! haha

Recently Roached said...

Stop it. I love all of these pictures! So cute. You guys look good with a baby ;)

Danielle Carroll said...

I have a picture just like your last one of my dog Huckleberry sleeping in front of the christmas tree on his back too! Haha too cute!

Bethany Scruggs said...

I loved your longest post everrrr. :))) You are too sweet!! Can't wait til it's YOUR baby in your arms!! :)))

Erin said...

Congrats on being an auntie again! The snow is SO pretty...wish we could have some in Bama!

Marsa said...

your little pup is so cute! i'm totally in love with this christmas season :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, Nixon is so beautiful! I want to smell his head! Ha, weird comment to make, but I love the smell of babies! I am glad you got all that time with your niece, and I bet she felt special spending all that time with you!

Your tree looks beautiful and I love your mantel!!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Oh, Nixon!! So stinking little!!! Emerson is seriously too much--love the shirt/headband! Christmas decor really does make me happy too; I am so jealous of the pretty snow! I feel like singing "where are you Christmas" because I just can't get fully into it without the pretty white stuff. Have a fabulous weekend and soak up that baby time!!

Laurie @ Keepin' up with the Scardinas said...

love the picture overload in this post;) and I really LOVE the mantle and that believe sign. I just love Christmas:)

Anonymous said...

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Ashley said...

Don't you love having a niece! We love when ours comes to stay the night with us. She stayed with us last night actually!

krink said...

Auntie... I can't thank you enough for everything you did for us all week! We soooooo appreciate you taking the time off and watching Emerson while we were at the hospital. You seriously have no idea how much anxiety you saved me from! And I'm sooo happy that you were able to come and bring Emerson for a visit at the hospital! Yeah for Green Bracelets! And for the visit last night as well! I'm glad Uncle Justin got to meet the munchkin! Sorry it was cut short, but please come by next week with Cruzie for some snuggles!
P.S. Emerson LOVED spending time with you guys at your place, so thank you again!

Kae Schumacher said...

Oh love this post! I am still so excited for you to be an auntie again. :) baby looks good on you! Love the outfit. I am thinking about asking for boots like yours for Christmas :)
love xxoo

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

Hi Alison. I just stumbled across your blog via For Lauren and Lauren, it's soo fun. =) Congratulations on the new nephew!! His big sister is too cute.

I'm your newest follower! You should totally start a FB page. I noticed you're in or near Calgary. Is that right? I live in Calgary. It's cool to meet other bloggers in my area! :) You should stop by my blog sometime and say hi.

Anyway, sorry for the random subjects comment, I'm all over the place. lol Have a great week! =)

~ Catie

Ashley said...

I love the picture of Cruz wrapped up in those Christmas lights!!

There's something so special about a new baby...so glad to be an Auntie again!

Shay said...

Your niece and nephew are absolutely adorable. Nothing better than a fresh from heaven new babe:-) That pic of you in the snow gear is gorgeous!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love Cruz's little corner! Picture frames and decor!

Cute shirt you made E! She looks so sweet with her hair all done like that! Gotta look good for her first meeting with N!

Nice outfit however your hair is what I noticed! Love it! Did you twist the front back or braid it?

Your mom is so talented! Such a nice headband. I'm going to try to learn how to crochet from YouTube if I ever find the time!