Weekend rewind. Just late.

Whoa I am a little late to post but better late than never...onto our weekend rewind...
- I put some Christmas decorations up. 29 days!!
- I couldn't find a little tree skirt that I really loved for our main floor tree so I made one.
- Had brunch with Dustin, Whitney and Easton. So thankful for these 3 people.
Easton pretty much had this huge grin on his face or was laughing the whole time!
- I made cupcakes with rolos & mint chocolate chips for the blogger meet up at Leigh's.
- Had fun at said blogger meet up. Met some new ladies (& Keith!) and caught up with some old friends. Thanks again for hosting Leigh.
- I made some hanging balls for the front of the house. I saw some in our neighborhood and decided I could make them cheaper. I did...but I think they are too small for our lights. oh well.
- We took Cruz for a midnight 10 o'clock walk in the ravine to look at all the pretty Christmas lights.
- My Auntie Donna used to give Jeff and I an ornament each year with our name on it and I have had them all in a shoe box since moving out and knew I wanted to do something with them so I made a tree...
I bought a styrofoam cone, wrapped it with garland from the dollar store, wrapped twin on the bottom for the trunk and then glued all my ornaments on! I think it's cute. Tacky cute maybe.
 - These two cuties cuddled. Justin left this morning for Las Vegas and they are going to miss each other.
Love these two.
- We (Jeff, Jolie, Justin, Cruz & I) went to Nana's for a late US Thanksgiving dinner for my most favorite American Jolie and watched the Grey Cup.
 Dinner and dessert was so delicious!! She made a huge spread! And lucky me she sent me home with dinner for tonight!! Thank you again Nana! Love these people.
{Cruz apparently wanted some turkey!}
And that's all I got. Jeff helped out unloading Christmas trees at Ikea this morning. We only had 1 truck come today but it was still a huge job. Thanks again brother!

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Katie said...

you are so crafty! I love your tree skirt!! and so fun that you get to go to blogger meet-ups! i'm jealous!

Purple Daisies said...

Love the idea with all the ornaments!!! I put all mine on our tree!! And now I give one to my kids and we add those!!

Love the tree skirt too!!

Mom said...

Great DYI projects!! The ornament tree is cute:)

Laurie @ Keepin' up with the Scardinas said...

That tree skirt is SO cute! I love the idea with the ornaments.. such a good idea!

Whit said...

That turkey looks delish -- Nicely done to Nana!! And what a smart idea for those sentimental tree ornaments. I don't think it's tacky at all :) (Love the tree skirt)
Those cupcakes were DELISH!! Nicely done, I'm sure they loved them at the blogger meet up. And East is still smiling over this brunch date with two of his MOST favorite people. xox

Sara said...

love that tree skirt! stenciled on a burlap bag? what a great DIY!

Nikki said...

Tacky yes but really cute and a great way to have all the ornaments together!

christina said...

great job on the tree skirt and cute idea about the ornaments!!

Ashley said...

Is the burlap green? Aww I am soo glad you guys celebrated thanksgiving again! I am sure Jolie was missing her family in the states!! Love all the pics and I am soo jealous of las vegas!! Can't wait to see this outfit inspiration!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Easton is getting so grown up! Cutie!

Those cupcakes make me really sad that I missed the blogger get together. Your ornament tree is cute-- not tacky at all because it is sentimental.

That is the best picture ever of Cruz and Justin! Hands down!

Janna Renee said...

Yay for blogger meet ups! I have had Blates, but have yet to have a legit blogger meet up.