Weekend love

We had another great weekend - other than Justin having a nasty cold that is. Poor guy. Hopefully Cruz is looking after him today.
Friday Cruz and I went for a nice walk - I wore a hat that I got for Christmas from a work friend last year (houndstooth pattern! love) And I took a picture because I know my Gran would love it. ;)
Friday night we had a nice dinner with one of Justin's buddies and his wife - super nice couple. 
Saturday afternoon Emerson came over to hangout! We love spending time with her. She is a riot and is just so fun.
Uncle Justin and Emerson reading...
They played some games..
Then her and I took Cruz for a walk. She walked the whole small loop of the ravine! 
Then we went to the park and she went on the slide "one more time Auntie" about 40 times. :)
 I love this girl.
Jolie came over for dinner and to hangout too... Justin found this wine for us to enjoy.
It's so nice having her just a car ride away! And Jeff is missing out on fun times!
We watched Bachelor Canada and then this:

It was pretty terrible!! Totally not what we expected!

Sunday Amy and Rio came over and we went for a long walk in the ravine with the pups. The dogs had a great time tearing around and we enjoyed a Starbucks and good conversation.
Thanks again Amy! 
Justin and I ran some errands in the afternoon and he bought me this organizer for under my Keurig - I love it!
It was on my Christmas list but we found it at Costco for less than half the price! I told him to put it away for Christmas be he insisted. ;)
We covered up all our deck furniture...sad day.
We watched this last night:
 It was a great movie - not for everyone as it was a bit violent and gruesome but overall a good movie. And who doesn't love Blake Lively!
Happy Monday everyone!!

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Lacey said...

Ryan and I loved Savages... it definitely wasn't what we expected but it was definitely a great movie! Glad to see you had a great weekned!

Mom said...

Checked out the cookies and they look so yummy. Cute website too with the photos of each step.
Your hat is great. Hope Justin feels better very soon. Cruz will be happy to have him home.

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Haha I can only imagine Emerson saying just one more time to go on the slide. Good thing she's cute!

Shay said...

First of all, any cookies with the name monster in them are worth adding to my list! And I am so sad you didn't like that movie- with all that talent it should have been good! Too bad!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great weekend! The hat you have is great! Being an aunt is great! Happy Monday and i hope Cruz is taking good care of Justin today :)

Katie said...

i've never heard of that movie but I love ben stiller and vince vaughn. is it new?? you look adorable in that hat!! and I want a kuerig machine!

nutcaseinpoint.com said...

Whoa we watched The Watch and Savages this weekend too! The Watch had funny one liners, but definitely not what I thought it was, either. (cute hat! hope the wine was good!)

Rebekah said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful. Emerson is so cute! We have a Keurig on our list to buy. We're in serious need of one!

Jennifer Golding said...

We saw that Keuring organizer too this weekend. I'm considering getting it, and if Costco has it cheaper, that might make the decision for me!!

Ashley said...

Love your scentsy plug in ;)

I also looked up the recipe to those cookies and they look yummy!!! Glad you had a great visit with both Jolie and Emerson! Hope Justin feels better!!

Purple Daisies said...

I hope they still have those organizers for the kuerig I'm getting myself at Christmas!!! I'm doing a trip to GP the end of the month!!

Lets talk about those cookies and your very cute helper!! Do they go flat in the oven?? Are they chewy or crunchy? Or poofy! Lol I'm on the search for the most perfect monster cookie!! I am pulling some out of the oven right now, but not 100% satisfied!! And you helper seriously can't get any cuter, just want to squeeze her!!

krink said...

Looks like a great weekend! And I LOVE the hats Auntie!!!
Thank you again for watching Emerson! We soooo appreciate it!
P.S. Feel better Uncle Justin

Leslie said...

Emerson is precious!! It sounds like y'all had such a wonderful weekend! and I love your hair in the picture with your hat! Gorgeous.

Caroline said...

Hope J feels better! And I only want to see the Savages for Blake Lively!

Jessica said...

I have that keurig drawer and it's AWESOME! I'm sad the watch was not good, looks so funny!

Gabriella said...

Emerson is such a cutie! I love her smile! Awesome Keurig organizer. Sounds like a fun weekend. Hope Justin feels better!

Whit said...

Cute hat!!
Looks like, outside of Just being sick (get feeling better J!!) that it was an awesome weekend!! What a good Auntie making cookies ;)
We were going to watch THE WATCH the other night, now I may think twice. Thanks!!

Rachel and John said...

Love the organizer! Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Laurie said...

I LOVE The Pioneer Women and I have all 3 cookbooks! I tried he strawberry shortcake cake once and it was AMAZING!

CUTE BLOG! new follower xo

Holly said...

I'm loving the houndstooth hat on you. Us Alabama fans love some houndstooth.

And how freaking adorable is that photo of Justin reading to Emerson? My ovaries just explode when Dad's and Uncle's read to babies. :)

Whitney Tomlin said...

Love the hat.. roll tide :)
It's snowing already!? Where do you live? I wish we could see some snow! But I doubt Florida is offering it anytime soon haha


Tami said...

Your hat is super cute. I love houndstooth! Emerson looks like she is growing so much! SHe is such a cutie. Yay for monster cookies. That sounds so good right now!

Janna Renee said...

I usually think how big Emerson is getting, but she looks so TINY next to Justin. Haha.

Kristin said...

I just got that same tray!! very handy!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I saw that Keurig organizer and debated getting it. Maybe Santa will bring it for me!

Emerson is just the cutest!!

Was that wine any good?