Lists of three...


I'm stealing with idea today from Leigh. But changing it a bit cause I am not crazy like her and run all these races. BUT she may have convinced me to run a 5 miler in March. We'll see.

Three books I've read recently:

I have been terrible with reading lately.
1. Last night I started this book my Grampa wrote about his life! It's incredible and I am so excited to have time to sit and read it all. Thank you again Grampa.
2. Started reading Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin.
3. Taking Charge of your Fertility.

Three shows you must watch:

1. Revenge {finally caught up!}
2. Sons of Anarchy {hello Jax Teller. Put some clothes on.}
3. Chicago Fire

Three things I'm proud of right now:

1. As I mentioned yesteday - Chris getting her Master's!
2. Jolie - for sticking it out throuh her first few months in her Master's program here and living in a new city/country when her boyfriend (my brother) is out of town most of the time!
3. That I have completed 2+ weeks of Cha LEAN Extreme I truly feel better already.

Three new to me blogs:

1. Jen over at nutcaseinpoint
2. Elle Noel
3. Melissa over at Melissa Bender Fitness

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Las Vegas at the end of the month with Justin.
2. Having a new niece or nephew join us before Christmas!
3. Hosting Christmas for the first time!

Three things new things that make me happy:
1. My parents bought me an upright deep freeze for my birthday and it came in yesterday. LOVE it!
I can't wait to fill it with tubs and tubs of ice cream. Thank you again Mom and Dad.
2 & 3. With the $ we got from looking after Lily for the week I gave myself a certain amount to use for new dining room chairs or new window coverings for our back doors and a small Christmas tree for our main floor (and the rest is being saved for upcoming expenses!)

Well we got a smokin' deal on new chairs for our dining room table - they are just what I wanted and we pretty much got 4 for the price of 1. They aren't super fancy or from an expensive store but they are perfect.

We also got a smaller tree on sale at Micheal's for our main floor (our big fancy tree gets set up in the bonus room) and since we are hosting Christmas I wanted our main floor to look Christmas-ier too. Justin went for the idea and was even game for purple and bronze ornaments! ;)

There we go! Happy Thursday and pretty please stop snowing and make Justin healthy again soon.

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Leigh said...

Do it! I hope you run it :) We badly need a new dining room table and chairs. Where did you find your chairs from? Meow Jax Teller! Don't listen to Alison and DON"T put your clothes on!

Tennille said...

We have those exact same dining chairs. I love them!

Ashley said...

Ugh I have not been reading either!!!

I cannot remember what kind of chairs you had before, but the new ones are nice! Where did you find them?!

Our freezers can share a birthday, I am loving my new upright as well!!

We are hosting Christmas this year as well! That is soo neat that your Grandpa wrote a book!

Katie said...

i loved this post! may have to do one like it! that is awesome that your grandpa wrote a book. and love those new things! we got a new fridge recently and while I didn't like spending the money on it, i really like it!

Laurie said...

those chairs are pretty awesome:) and the good thing is you could always throw a cover over them and dress them up or down to fit the occasion!

Caroline said...

Oh, Jax. I mean, uh.

Ashley said...

what is cha LEAN extreme?! i want to know!

You will LOVE Emily Giffin! She's my favorite.

And book #3.....BABIES! :)

Rachel and John said...

Woo! I wish I could host Christmas but none of my family lives here. My dad is coming Christmas night though! So we will have a Christmas dinner on Boxing Day but it won't be as huge as one at home.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility is awesome! It's like a guide to your lady parts!

You might be past this, but my midwives offer pre-conception appointments. Maybe they could offer you something else to help things along? They have quite the bag of tricks! Let me know if you want their info!!

Amber said...

We are having Christmas in our own home this year for the first time EVER and I'm so excited to decorate!!

Jessica said...

So cool that your grampa has a book about his life!

Whit said...

I love Chicago fire. One of my new faves.
I love my deep freeze, I wouldn't go without a big one again. haha.. which is probably why it was on the birthday wish list ;)
You will host Christmas likes it's no ones business. So excited for you.
And those chairs are awesome. Nicely done.

Janna Renee said...

That is so cool that your grandfather wrote a book and you have the chance to read and cherish it <3