DIY. Outfits. Snow.

This was a long week. Was it the time change? The fact that Justin was sick all week? Dunno. But it was a long one so I am thankful it's Friday. 
Let's talk about all this snow out there...or my super long drive to work..or the fact that I walked Cruz in the wrong boots so my socks are still wet...or the fact that I am a grumpy gus right now...ok let's not.

We have dinners planned with friends and family this weekend so I had a stern talking to with Justin's cold and told it to beat it!

Ok first off I have a little DIY tutorial for you...
1. Buy an ugly picture with a good wooden frame at a Thrift Store.
2. Get some spray paint at Micheals using a 40% off coupon.
3. Spray the frame a couple times.
4. Buy Chalkboard spray paint at Micheals with 40% off coupon {even though you have read tutorials saying the spray isn't great for this project but you are too cheap to buy a can of paint at Home Depot for $27.}
5. Spray the board that was behind the ugly picture about 10 times and then realize the tutorials were right - the spray sucks. 
6. Finally find chalk board paint at Walmart and buy that for $8 instead. 
7. Apply 2 coats with a foam brush. Much better. Put it back in the frame.
8. Write a cute note to your husband and then make your dog sit for a picture!

And now it gets to be apart of my outfit posts! Ta da! :)

This is an example of an outfit gone bad. The outfit I had planned (including this long sweater) looked good on the hanger but not on the Alison. So I ran out of time and had to put something on and this was it. :(



Today (iphone - don't know why today the quality is so junky)
I love these boots - I've been eyeing some 2 tone boots and these won.
{PS. Canadians - Go Jane ships to Canada for cheap, there are no custom fees and I found a 20% off coupon online (thanks to Katie!) Boots + Shipping = $31. Boom.}

PPS. It's safe to say I enjoying buying clothes when I get groceries. 
Let me tell you my secret though...we buy gas at Superstore {sorry Dad!} so you get superbucks to use in the store - I save these and this is what I treat myself with in the Joe department! Just wait until you see the sweater I got yesterday... $32 all superbucks!! SO glad it was still there!

PPPS, Monday is a holiday - so this girl won't be back until Tuesday!
Happy [long] Weekend!

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Rachel and John said...

Have you been in the Joe store at cross iron mills? I'm a huge fan!

Gabriella said...

Those two tone boots are so fun! Good job on the chalk board frame!

Leigh said...

I have some of that spray chalk paint, and wasn't a huge fan of the result of it. But $27 is alot for the actual paint!! I need to check out that site for some new boots. Not that I really need any, but you know it doesn't hurt to look :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You are too cute! Love the board and all your outfits. Can you dress me every day? haha

Jennifer said...

That quote at the top is so true! I hate when I get all looking cute thinking I am going to do something fun that day and BAM it's ruined!

Dad said...

Great post on a blustery, snowy day....thanks honey, it made me laugh a couple times! See you soon!

Rachel said...

I need to do that to about a million frames we own. And I love your boots in that outfit! New follower. :)


Ashley said...

I love the frame... and your writing on the chalk board - my writing would not be as pretty!!! Just sayin'

Have you rdered from go jane before? I am checking it out!! I may have just bought a new wionter jacket from old navy (50% off), a vest, a shirt, a sweat shirt for M... plus then 15% off!! Score!!

Yuck to the snow! We are still lacking in that dept and I am not jealous that you are hogging it all... keep it!! I will take my 14 degrees on Sunday!!

I'm also jealous that you get a holiday on MOnday, not that I work Mondays, but still!

Also where do you get your micheals coupons?

Katie said...

love your hair curly - you are beautiful! love the maxi dress and love the boots! yeah for being twins! :) I hope justin gets better quick so you acan enjoy your weekend!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Love your DIY project! It looks great! And your outfits are great, girl! :)

Purple Daisies said...

Lol, your too funny!! Love the DIY,, and the fact that it was in each of your outfit pictures!! I love that you can spend the saved money on clothes!! I guess it's a good thing I don't have a superstore!!

Boo on the cold, we (Avah, Dal and I ) have a nasty one right now, so hoping it doesn't last long! Feel better soon Justin!!

Yay to a long weekend!!!! I need to figure out how to get them every week!! Hhmmm.........

Leslie said...

I love all of your outfits!! Especially Monday's. and I agree.. this week has felt so long, I really think it's the time change... it has made me so tired!

Recently Roached said...

Love your outfits, as always :)
Hope hubs feels better soon!

Pamela said...

Love the outfit you wore on Wednesday & today!! Super cute! Love the chalkboard too!!

Tami said...

I LOVE the chalkboard! That is number one on my list to make when we home! And your outfits- ALL of them are way cute. Will you please come by my personal shopper and dress me! I need some serious help!

Helene said...

i love how you show your outfits!!! so cute!! you have a beautiful blog!

Shay said...

Your outfits are never "bad" pretty girl- love them all! And I love that frame- totally doing it!

Whit said...

I want those boots!!! Right now. WOW.. I need to order some. Beautiful.
I love love that poster at the beginning. I totally feel that way and this is coming from someone who doesn't have anything fabulous in her closet ;) haha..

Janna Renee said...

That is such a cute idea!!! Unfortunately, I have the worst handwriting EVER. Haha.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the frame! I might do something like that on a smaller scale. I'm behind on Pinterest/Alison crafts though!

You are a genius!! I am so going to get gas from Superstore from now on! Can totally justify that! Smart smart lady!

$31 for boots? Ridic! I'm ordering some now!