Christmas Trees.

Oh what happened to Monday? oups. 
Yesterday morning I was lucky to be a "chosen one" at work to unload approx 5,000 Christmas trees off of 2 of the biggest trucks my hazel eyes had ever seen! It was super fun. Be VERY jealous. It only took 4 hours and all 10 of us were a sweaty mess. So all you Calgary folk - do me a favor and go buy a tree from Ikea. Pretty please. All the money raised goes to our school and the second best part is - the trees cost $20 and you get a $20 gift certificate to Ikea. Win win. And trust me the trees are pretty. And heavy. PS. Brother - please be in town for the next unloading date. And bring friends. ;)
But then last night this happened and it make my sore body feel happy. 
This is our main floor baby tree. The big tree goes in the bonus room.
 Aaanyways - Friday Cruz headed out to the {frozen} lake with my Mom and Dad.
She loved it. As did they!
We caught up on Sons of Anarchy and had a few games of Nertz. We used to play all the time and some how forgot about it (and how to play!) We played again Saturday night and figured it all out. Whooops..I still won both times.
I met up with Leigh and Jen for a sushi lunch date. It was delish and the company was fabulous too!
Then Justin and I ran a bunch of errands and visited with Junie (Jeff and Jolie were away for the weekend).
Then on the drive home Justin informed me we were going on a date! So after my workout we got all prettied up and we went to Murrieta's. We have been there before and love it and it didn't let us down. Our meals & the wine were incredible, but my date and the conversation was the very best part. I am a lucky lady. We don't often go out, mainly because we like to be at home with Cruz but this was a wonderful surprise. Thank you again J.

We celebrated 1 year in our house!
I remember being so anxious taking this photo waiting to get the keys to OUR new home last year...
And then the lovely weather we had to move in - AND our awesome friends and family who worked their butts off in the freezing cold to make the move so quick and efficient!
We LOVE our house. We have done a lot over the past year to make it our home and still have a list of things we plan to do (like paint the main floor) but there are so many nights as we sit on the couch and look around, we remind ourselves how lucky we are and how happy we are in this structure we get to call home.

During the day Sunday we put up lights on the back deck and on the front of the house.
I also went for some play time with this cute kitty again! :) So cute and crazy!!
After a visit with Mom and Dad and the return of our dog  - Cruz and I worked out (ps. I finished the first 30 days of ChaLEAN Extreme! yay! Goodbye burn - hello push!) and then we were off to Customer Appreciation night at the watering hole. We didn't know what it entailed but we were pretty darn impressed. Free buffet [which was very impressive and yummy], then they came around with jello shooters, then free beer, then draw prizes [that we didn't win] - it was a really fun night. I was holding out for the free wine to come around..Too bad it was a Sunday!! 
So there we have it. A day late. But our weekend.

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Leigh said...

Can't believe that it's been a year already that you guys have lived there! It was so freaking cold that weekend of your move too. Yuck. Love the tree! Ours is going up next weekend hopefully

Al said...

It sounds idyllic, dear girl, but I feel that way whenever I read about your weekends!! And the tree is beautiful - did you go with a purple theme? I am decorating my apartment in peacock colors - LOVING it. It's a peacock Christmas :)

I love you friend. I really do. And I freaking miss you.

Caroline said...

I love the frozen lake. Wow! It's just so beautiful there. And happy 1 year on your house. I can't believe it's been a year already!

Katie said...

sounds like a great weekend! i wish I could buy one of those trees!!

Rachel and John said...

Wow a whole year? Time sure does fly! Last year we got our tree at Ikea. I wanted a real tree again this year but with all that we have going on John thought we shouldn't bring a "fire hazard" into the house. Seriously. What will I ever do with him? So this year we only have 1 tree instead of 2 and it's a fake. But still pretty!!

Ashley said...

Wow, can't believe a year has gone by!! Love your tree and I also love that new game I just learned!! lol I also cannot believe the lake is frozen!!! It only drops below zero over night here lately!

I looked up that restaurant and saw there was one in Canmore - I bet it is pretty there right now with all your snow!!!

Jessica said...

Gosh time flies!!! Ack!

Recently Roached said...

Oh my gosh!! Nertz is so fun! :) My family has huge Nertz tourneys! :)

Love the tree, girl!

Whit said...

What an awesome weekend. Seriously it sounds like pure perfection. The tree looks fabulous and I love that Just surprised you with a date. Nicely done Just!!
That's a good deal for trees -- not to mention a good workout -- oh and yayy for being done the 1st month of the ChaLEAN Extreme!!

Molly said...

Can't believe it's been a year in your home already, I remember when y'all bought it! Congrats!

You're too cute in your pic with Cruz, pretty lady!

Kristin said...

That's an amazing deal on the xmas deal!

Adrian {Happy Girl} said...

Wow you had a busy weekend! Good job unloading those trees, I'm sure it was hard work. Wish I lived nearby and could take advantage of that great offer, I'd gladly buy a $20 tree and get a gift card!

Um, how has it been a year since you bought your house?! I feel like it was yesterday! And wow your first 30 days of chaLean done already? My, time is flying. It makes me think I could be 30 days into some sort of workout adventure and feeling good, rather than lazy and unmotivated.

Mom and Dad said...

It's amazing all the changes you and Jusitn have made to the house in just one year:). It doesn't look like the same place.

Wish we could have helped you with all those trees.... Yikes!! It will be a great fundraiser for sure..

Purple Daisies said...

Nice Christmas tree! I love the purple! :),

Shay said...

So many thoughts on this- congrats on a year in your beautiful home!

I cannot believe you unloaded trees for 4 hours...and you still finished that 30-day workout plan? I would have considered that my exercise for the next month alone! ha

Chrissi said...

i love christmas trees! also love the fun effects in the kitty picture! how did you get that?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your tree look great!! I am putting my (fake) one up this weekend and can't wait. I love the warm glow of a Christmas tree.

It's crazy that you have snow and your lakes are frozen already! We have had such mild weather so far, and I hope it sticks around. My brothers would be jealous of your frozen lake though as they can't wait to ice fish!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Good God! You unloaded 5000 trees? Good for you!
If we get a real tree this year J wants to cut it down (his family tradition) BUT if we were buying a real tree from a lot it would be at Ikea! Great deal!

It's been a year since you have been in your house? Well that flew by! You guys have done so much stuff to your place in such a short time! Very impressive!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

And I LOVE your little Christmas tree! I wish I had room for a 2nd tree!

Janna Renee said...

I can't believe the whole lake is frozen! We have been in the 70's during the day lately. So crazy.