Jen over at nutcaseinpoint sent me these questions to answer with the Liebster award - thanks Jen!! 
(if you haven't checked out Jen's blog you should. She is hilarious. Has a lab almost as cute as Cruz. Also loves Jax Teller. Shares delicious recipes. Just moved to Canada. Posts awesome workouts. And is having lunch with Leigh and I on Saturday)...ok here goes! :)

1. What would be your ultimate last meal?
Ribs. Garlic mashed potatoes. Grilled mushrooms. Sweet potato fries. Brussel Sprouts. Edamame. 
Ice cream.
Last meal EVER so yes there are 2 potatoes items in there!

2. 2 of your biggest pet peeves?
~ ignorant & rude people
~ people that ride their bike on the road and don't follow the rules of the road. If you are pretending to be a car you cannot go when it's a red light.

3. 3 wishes you'd make if you were on Aladdin or something.
I wish cancer would never have existed.
~ I wish there was a pill to take to allow you to get pregnant, rather than taking a pill to prevent it.
~ I wish everyone would always have enough of what they need. Food. Water. Shelter. Love. Ice Cream. Etc.

4.Which is your favorite season?
Summer. Would someone working in a school say any other season? Doubt it.

5. Favorite holidays? And a memory associated with that holiday!
I love holidays so it's hard to pick a favorite.
{in no particular order}
1. Jamaica with my family. Favorite memory of that trip is our bike ride to Rick's Grill where Jeff and Dad jumped off the huge cliffs and then it poured rain on our ride back.

2. Our honeymoon. Everyday we did something super fun. I would relive those 2 weeks in a second.

3. Our trips to Geneseo to visit Jeff. Favorite memory was our last trip when we met Jolie for the firsttime and went to a house party (after the bar!) with Jeff, Jols, Justin, Mom and Dad and we played beer pong. It was a blast.
And then we went for a hike the next morning...

6. What is a really cool craft that you either did recently, want to do, or pinned?
Few I Did (really cool?):

Want to do/Pinned:

7. Disregarding pay or benefits, what would be your ultimate job?
Stay at home Mom - and then party planning/home decorating/dog walker on the side. Perfection.

8. What reality show would you be on?
I've thought about this before. I don't think I would be very good on any.
Survivor - maybe. I HATE being cold. And get really grumpy when I am hungry/cold but I would love to try!!
Amazing Race - I am not a good at driving under pressure/if I don't know where I am going and I am not a very good navigator - BUT I would love to see the world in this way.

9. Go-to meal to make?
For just Justin and I? I know I am safe with anything taco related. Then he is happy. And it's easy so I am happy.

10. Ever have a recurring dream? What is it?
There is one and I am running down the vault runway (gymnastics) and I am running so slow and the vault never comes but I can see it and I am just running in slow-mo over and over to reach it. Strange. I did always run really slow vaulting!?

11. Do you have a word that you always say? Or a phrase?
Not really sure - do I?
I say "perfect" a lot. I notice that at work. 
I also say "Cruz, are you cute?!?" a lot. When speaking to her obviously. ;)

There we go. :) Happy Thursday everyone!

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Rachel and John said...

How fun!! Love all your crafts!

Katie said...

i want to make those wine bottles! wouldn't it be so nice if a pill was all it took to get pregnant?

Kae Schumacher said...

I always love learning more about you :)
loves xxoo

Caroline said...

Love this. Can I get on the list for the pregnancy pill??

Ashley said...

I had tacos for dinner last night!! I find it kind of funny that you had 2 sources of potatoes last night! lol.

I agree with your pill theory - obviously

I get cranky when cold/hungry as well~!! I wouldn't last a day on survivor - bugaphobic much!

What is with bikers/campers in Alberta and traffic... I still laugh about the way to prevent traffic from hitting you on the highway means empty your car out on the road...

Leigh said...

I love how most of your answers included ice cream :) See you on Saturday!

Whit said...

haha. I love your reoccurring dream. There are worse ;) and the walk down holiday memory lane. So much fun to read. {Everyone should feel that way about their honeymoon}xox

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This was fun to read! I love the wreath that you made - it is SO pretty!! Seeing those vacation pictures makes me want to go on a vacation!!

Kristin said...

all great answers!! I too wish the pill was the other way around. Makes no sense. Have a great weekend friend

Brooke said...

Jamaica looks like a wonderful trip!


Happy Holidays!