A Tuesday post

Well we had a great long weekend. I wish all weeks were long weekends...
Friday night Blake and Karen came over for appies and drinks. 
Jeff and Jolie also came by for a couple drinks.
It was nice to watch up with everyone finally.

I have a handsome husband. Just sayin'.
Justin put our chairs together. Love them. 
And we set up our new freezer. 
In true Alison style - it only contains ice cream. :)

I attempted a pinterest dessert to take to Dustin and Whitney's for dinner - they were tasty but didn't look pretty. At all.
{cookie dough, reeses cup, brownie on top, then bake}
2nd dessert I have made to help get rid of Halloween candy!
 We had so much fun hanging out with East before he was off to bed.
He is probably the happiest kid ever. And I love all his hugs and cuddles. :) We just can't get enough of him.
Whit also made a pinterest recipe - a roasted pepper tortelini - it was amazing! And looked good too! You win.
Cruz and Ty got cozy with me.
And then with each other when I moved.
 Aren't they just the cutest...
I think yes.
Just say yes.
Love having easy going nights with friends. Perfection.
And with family and that's exactly what we did Sunday! We had delicious turkey dinner at Mom and Dad's with the whole family.

Monday our goal was to have a lazy day!
Which we did. 
I spent a few hours reading Grampa's book and working out while Justin did some work and napped. 
A lot.

We also watched a whole lot of the Crossfit Games and then this:
Very stupid but also really funny. What we expected.

Then after dinner at the watering hole we watched this documentary style movie.
It was very interesting and brought up some good topics for conversation for sure.
Well Happy Tuesday! :)

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Ashley said...

Happy Tuesday!!! Love all the pics and I bet that desert was yummy!!

Rachel and John said...

Look at you guys watching a documentary on your lazy day! Over achievers! Glad you had such a lovely weekend!

Jessica said...

Eeek, loving all the puppers. :D

Katie said...

we've seen that movie. yes - stupid but funny. love that picture of you and the dogs. and that recipe looks like it would taste delicious!

Milex said...

just wonderful

Sara said...

Oh my bf and I watched the campaing in theatres a while back, and loved it (laughed sooo hard the whole time) anyways, your dogs are adorable (jealous)

Janna Renee said...

It is definitely a yes! They are soooo cute! It also helps that Whit captures such great photos ;)

Kae Schumacher said...

sounds like a great time! :) xxoo

Leslie said...

Those brownies need to get in my tummy Ha ha

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I`ve seen that movie and it`s pretty funny! Much better than The Watch! What is that documentary about...I am guessing biking.

RachelSteck said...

Adorable pics of the dogs!

Katie Did What said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!! And oh my gosh, that pinterest dessert? YUM!


Carissa said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love your table and chairs! We've been looking for a set but haven't found anything we LOVE yet. Well nothing we don't have to break the bank for! Your dogs are so cute!