Wishes. Outfits. Love.

Hope you have a great day {off work} and a fabulous year! :) I sure am thankful for this blog as it introduced me to YOU! I hope Mr. D and Harley spoil you!!

This week has been a chilly, snowy one. Yuckers.
Monday - no kids day!
Scarf: Gran, Leggings: Joe, Sweater: ?, Boot socks: old sweater

Tuesday - workshop day! 
I realize I wore this necklace last week but I just realized it goes perfectly with this sweater!

Sweater: Target

I LOVE these purple tights I found!
The entire outfit is Joe (other than the boots and necklace). Purple beaded necklace was made by Ashley's talented sister!

Thursday - Story behind this dress. Kae and I were chatting and I saw this dress on another blog and emailed her a picture of it cause she and I share a love for aztec-y things. I told her to go get herself one as they were at Target (no Targets in Canada still), well she went and sent one to me! How freakin' sweet right! Thank you Kae!!! Kae is sorta like a little sister, she is always emailing me with questions or advice - she is very sweet. :)

Dress: Target, Cardigan: Costa Blanca, Necklace: ebay

Today (iphone!)
Gotta say a special "thank you, I love you, you are the best, most awesome, most understanding, I think I'll keep ya forever ever" to Justin today. 
Sometimes in life you have to go through things you never ever thought in a gazillion years you'd have to do, say or hear but in all those times I am thankful to have this man by my side.

Happy weekend everyone! 

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Lacey said...

LOVE those pink jeans... and the pink bubble necklace. What can I say, apparently I'm a sucker for pink. Happy Friday :)

Mom said...

Great outfit choices! Happy Birthday to Leigh :)
I'll say 'hi' to the outlet stores for you while in Vegas!!

Ashley said...

Love that quote!!! I also love the outfits and your new hair cut!!! I love that you are wearing the necklace my sister made!! She has made quite a few new ones as oif late and it attempting to make me a chevron one! we will see!! I'll have to send you a new one!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I cannot believe you don't have a Target up there!! How does one manage?! ;0) I love that pink necklace; I think you can rock it every week. It's totally ok!! Love all your boots/leggings/dresses. Such cute style. Hope you have a great weekend with your amazing husband. Hope all is well***

Jennifer said...

I absolutely love Tuesdays outfit! The added pops of pink really bring the outfit together.

Katie said...

love your outfits - especially that dress! how sweet someone sent that to you!! and thank God for a sweet husband - glad you guys have each other!

Jennifer Golding said...

Beautiful as usual Alison! Have a fabulous weekend, you deserve it.

Sorry if my comments post more than once, I am trying to figure this all out....including starting my own blog! *bites nails*

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love your outfits!! I might have to look for that sweater at Target!

That is so sweet of Kae to send you that wicked dress! It's totally you.

Justin is pretty awesome! He has a pretty great wife too!

Leigh said...

Aw thank you Alison! They sure did spoil me :) love all of your outfits once again. Have a great weekend!

Recently Roached said...

Love your outfits! Where did you get your boots?!

Jessica said...

No Target?! Such a sweet friend to send you that dress! Super cute :D

krink said...

Happy birthday Leigh!
<3 you both Justin and Alison!

Gabriella said...

I have that same grey and pink sweater from Target! As usual, your outfits are adorable! In love with that dress! I frequent Target often, more than I should. If you ever need/want anything, let me know! :) Have a great weekend!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love all your outfits, but especially those pink pants!!

Please give Leigh a birthday hug for me! I am envious of the fact that you live close to her!!

Café Moka said...

Great outfits! You have great taste in clothing!

Kae Schumacher said...

aww! I just now saw this! YAY! YOU ARE SO WELCOME big sis ;) hehe! Loves you!

Janna Renee said...

I can't believe you still don't have Targets! I thought for sure you would have them by now! At least it was very sweet of her to send it to you :)

Kristin said...

ohhhh love the pink necklace and grey/pink sweater!!

Whit said...

You and Just are pretty amazing together. Really there is NOTHING you two can't face when you have each other. Love you guys!! Ps. that pink/grey sweater is AWESOME!! xox