Snowy Weekend

Happy Monday!! It is a chilly one here. We got a pretty good dump of snow over the weekend. Joys.
On Friday while grocery shopping I found this. Made my day. I used to eat this when I worked at Ceili's and the people next door at Zen 8 sushi place would it bring me over a mug every Friday and Monday night. Yum. Thank you Superstore.
 Cruz tried on Ripken's Bad to the Bone shirt. She hated it.
Saturday I spent the day with my girlfriend Krista getting our hair done. It was supposed to be 4 of us but life got in the way for the others! :)  We had a great time with my hair dresser Krissy anyways - she is a riot and has her own fancy new salon in her basement!
Saturday Justin put the snow tires on the Mazda and changed some spark plugs - thank you Just!
Saturday night we went for dinner with Leigh & Lindsey {and their husbands}to Without Papers in Inglewood. Both Justin and I loved our pizzas and will definitely go back.

I updated our cubbies - I have always wanted to add old photos of special people and finally got them all together and frames for them.
Uncle Brian (& Gran) - this was Uncle Brian's old phone too.
 Uncle Keith & Grandma {with baby Justin}
Grandad (& Nana)
Tada! :)
On the weekend Justin always get up bright & early and takes Cruz out into the ravine{and let's me sleep in!} which I really appreciate and I think him and Cruz love it too!
Justin and Cruz playing in the snow! Her favorite "chore". She was SO excited to see the snow!!
Sunday was a lazy day! It was perfect. I updated our gallery wall - not quite updated as I printed the wrong size for one photo but it's close.
 New photos from our session with Whitney and a family photo of Whit's fam.
 Updated Cruz and Ripken photos...
Then Sunday night we had dinner with Mom, Dad, Jeff, Jolie, Uncle Ken, Auntie Cathy and Nana for Nana's birthday. We had a fondue and it was lots of fun!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that quote! I cannot believe how much snow you guys got! We got a little but it melted yesterday. Your photo wall looks great!

Pamela said...

I couldn't imagine getting snow right now, ha! Pretty neat though :) Love how Cruz loved the snow so much!! So cute! Love your gallery wall!! I am currently trying to work on ours right now! It's hard, ha!

Leslie said...

Your gallery wall looks amazing!
I so need to go get some of that ice cream too! I order it everytime we go for sushi. It's so yummy!

Jennifer said...

Ooh snow! I cannot wait till it snows here; so that Emma can see it!

Leigh said...

The shelves and gallery wall are looking great :) Just waiting for a picture of my pretty face to go in there ;) Totally kidding. Choose Brian's before mine. Did you hear how much snow we might get over night?

Caroline said...

Oh your cubbies are so cute! I love it!

Lindsay Nicole said...

Love lOve LOve ALL of this! The cubbies, updated pics... and Snow? k maybe not that part... But Happy Monday Love!

Katie said...

love all your pictures! i can't believe you have snow already!!

Lindsay said...

i can't believe you have snow already! it is 80 degrees here today! love your sweet pup!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I like the new colours and fonts!!

Great job updating the cubbies and photo wall! I just love the colours in your most recent pictures! See what I mean about having pictures taken now? White, brown and cold :( Maybe Whit can photoshop some nice fall colours in for us!

Does Cruz want to come do my driveway and sidewalk? J was working in the garage last night and left my car outside. Now it's all covered in snow. Good thing I'm not planning on going anywhere today. Brrr!! Bring on the hot chocolate and baileys!

Whit said...

You are SOOO on top of those photos. Mine are SO dated. I must get on there ASAP!! I love the new look of the blog, but I love grey!! Sounds like a great weekend, I think I'd need some convincing on the green tea ice cream.. hrmm! xox
Ps. I love that Just lets you sleep in and he and Cruz spend some QT together!!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh.
#1 LOVE your cubbies! That would be such a fun addition to any house!
#2...SNOW?! I'm SO's like 75 here today, and i just want freezing, snot chilling, cold. :)
#3 My cat hates clothing...that sounds weird just writing it, but whenever i put a shirt on him he goes limp and refuses to move. At least i know what to do whenever he's getting on my nerves. :)
AND...#4 LOVE your gallery wall, absolutely beautiful!

Jessica said...

Cruz is so cute and I love the photo wall!!

Ashley said...

Oh my word - that snow is crazy! Is it gone yet? Where is the hair update? Love the new blog design thus far!! I also love the updates to the photo wall and cubbies - what a great way to cherish memories!! Hope all is well ;)

Kristin said...

I still cant believe the snow came already!

Rachel and John said...

Green Tea Ice Cream? does it taste like a green tea latte...but frozen? YUM

I'm loving the snow! We are supposed to get a ton over night tonight! Be safe driving tomorrow morning!

Kae Schumacher said...

What a great weekend!
I love love love your cubbies! And the updated pictures...I do have to say BOO for snow already! :( loves xxoo

Chrissi said...

your gallery wall looks fabulous!! but, i seriously can't believe i see snow in those pictures!!! i am still wearing short sleeves and sandals. safe to say, i couldn't handle it up there :(