Oh summer...

I know I have already shared the above photo but I love it that much so you get to see it again. ;)
It's on our fridge and I just adore it.
So I know this was way back in July but I just had to do a jog back in time and post these photos cause {as always} with this crew - we have too much fun!

The guys...
Dustin, Blake, Dad, Justin.
Whit, Karen, me, Mom
Just hanging out in Easton's play area!
Cruz doing her dives {finally at 3 years old she is brave enough!}
Easton took the prize for cutest little man present this weekend!
The girls and some delicious cocktails.
My handsome man.
Dad explaining our OLYMPICS!
We had to play Bocce, Kayak, Paddle board, play Kan Jam and washers.
It was a ton of fun!!
Me in action...
Dad in action...
Karen gearing up for her turn to Kayak. Cocktail courage first though!
Naturally Dad & Mom whopped us all!!
Oh just wait until next year... ;)

Love these two.
Our water dog.
Smasher's turn for a kayak ride with Uncle J.
Then a chill in the water with Dad.
Could he be any cuter?
Oh take me back.... I love summer. Friends. Family. Laughs. Seba.

{Thank you Whit for most of these photos! LOVED them.}

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Jessica said...

These are all so good!! Looks like a blast :D

Bethany Scruggs said...

Oh a boy after my own heart.... noooo not Justin. ;) Cruz is so beautiful..

Ashley said...

I was gunna say YOU took pictures?! I was about to be soo proud... lol I am still proud though!

Love all the pics!! I am glad you had a great weekend the olympics sound fun!!

Katie said...

your lake pictures always look like SO much fun!!!!

Leigh said...

Whiney sure is talented! Love all of the pictures. And your mom's comment from yesterday was hilarious. Beat you again Jayne! ;)

Kae said...

Oh my this looks like so much fun! :)
I miss summer too! xxxoo

Brooke said...

I love summers with friends and family ! Paddle boarding! How fun, I'm going to have to try that !


Whit said...

Better late than never right? haha.. At least we got a warm reminder of our fabulous Seba getaway on a cold Fall day ;) xox {We love you right back}

Janna Renee said...

I love the bond you have with your family! It reminds me of my family.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ok- let's go back to summer!!

The Olympics look like so much fun!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Aww, this is making me miss summer too! Looks like you had a wonderful time! :)