I heart boots.

Oh hello Friday. I am excited for our 3 day weekend and Thanksgiving with the family! 
We (Just, Jols & I - [Cruz is at the lake already, Jeff is out of town]) are headed to the lake in a few short hours and I could not be more excited. Then we also have dinner with Justin's Mom, Crystal, Troy and Emerson on Monday night so it's perfect.

First of all, I must thank my sweet friend Katie for sending me this fantastic ring that she knew I would love from my beloved Target. I am so thankful for Katie's friendship and her card was just beyond sweet.
It is 3 separate rings so you can wear them together, individually or in two's. Love it! Thank you again Katie.

Now onto some outfits of the week (with where the items are from for Nicole!)...This week is definitely was feeling more like fall. sigh. I do love boots, leggings and scarves but I miss my summer outfits too.
Dress: Target, Shirt: Smart Set, Boot: urbanog, Necklace: Hudson Foundation
{Right}Cardigan: Joe, Belt: Target, Polkadot dress: Walmart, Boots: urbanog (last year)
{Left} Cardigan & Shirt: Joe, Pants: F21, Flats: Gap, Necklace: ebay
Dress: Old Navy, Bracelet: Crystal made it, Ring: compliment, Boots: urbanog

And today (crappy iphone photos!):
Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Buffalo, Boots: urbanog

What did we learn from this post? I LOVE urbanog boots apparently. :)
Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians out there!

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Leigh said...

I haven't seen your hair straight for that many days in a row in a while! Are you feeling okay?! :) Love all of your outfits. Especially the boots. I've worn both pairs that I got this week. Have a great time at the lake!

Mom said...

Oh, to have the fashion sense that you do! Love all the looks.

Gorgeous, crisp morning here at the lake. Lots of steam rising from the lake.

Ashley said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love your outfits as well as all those boots!! Do you really pay $20 for shipping each time or did you order all at once?!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I seriously love your Friday fashion posts!! You look so cute from head to toe. Great job with the boots/dress combo. It looks so fun!! You need to give yourself some more credit; you're quite the fashionista!!

Rachel and John said...

I love that you have so many boots. I have 2 pairs. 1 black with heels and 1 grey and flat.

Jessica said...

Love the striped dress!

nutcaseinpoint.com said...

I LOVE me some tall boots- just bought a pair yesterday! PS: I am DYING without a Target!

Gabriella said...

I just adore all of your outfits! So cute and fun! :)

Brooke said...

Cute boot's-Great price!



Al said...

You're so dang cute. Love all the outfits! If I posted my outfits online, I'd receive an immediate call from TLC's "What Not to Wear". Maybe we need to plan a shopping trip in with the deck/wine festivities when I head to Calgary ;)

Love to you, doll, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Funny- I also heart boots!! I am going to check out that urbanog website as I need a brown pair of boots.

Thanks for posting where you got everything ;)
That ring rocks! Only 3 more weeks until I get to hit up Target! My wallet is very scared!

Of these outfits, my absolute favourite, because I do love them all, is the polka dot dress with the yellow sweater and brown boots. LOVE! The Old Navy dress one is a close second!

I'm sure you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at the lake! Sounds like the perfect place to be on this holiday.

Ashley said...

i'm thinking you need to do more outfit posts!!

and thanksgiving in october?! you are SO lucky...i LOVE that holiday!

Shay said...

I LOVE your outfits- especially that dress!
I have a giftcard to Old Navy and am going to snag it for sure if its still there!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Very cute outfits!

Whit said...

I was going to get that old navy dress. Love it!! Cute outfits ;)

Janna Renee said...

Somebody just recently told me about Urbanog and I'm obsessed with all of their deals!