It's kind of become a tradition to head out to Cranbrook to camp at Blake and Karen's trailer lot for September long weekend. We still manage to get some great weather and what's better than a weekend away with some of your favorite people?!
So I am little late in posting this...better late then never!
Saturday the guys headed out to play golf and us girls headed into town to hit the farmer's market.
 I can't take credit for these shots...they are all Whitney. Clearly!!
We bought some fun rings!
East had enough with ring shopping - he's outta here!!
He wanted some hats instead!
Leave it to Whit to take some shots in my camping attire!
So I turned the camera on her and East. Such a cute shot!
Then we hit up the new antique shop...
The man who owns it gave us some records...
I have some of them out with my halloween decorations...
Then the pet lovers in all of us forced us to check out The Paw Shop!
We did some reading around the fire..
We brought the cutest dogs we could find with us...
I took a few random iphone pics..typical. When Whit's around I really leave the photo taking to her..sorry Whit!
 If only we could all look this cute eating and making a huge mess!
 Cruz loved the fact that East liked to 'share'.
Back to the professional shots. :)
Dustin and Whit had to leave Sunday cause Whit had to do a photo shoot back in town. :(
So the 4 of us (along with the 3 dogs) went on a great 10km hike. We even took a pitstop at  Jenny's (Blake's sis) trailer and she refueled us with a cocktail. 
And then Cruz was promised a swim. Happy girl.
Blake and Karen
There we go. Only almost 2 months late. Whoops.

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Caroline said...

Oh so fun!

Katie said...

so pretty!! love the cake eating pic!

Tennille said...

I'm loving the pink, grey and black color scheme. It's much easier to read than green :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Looks like you guys had such a wonderful time! And hey, I like your new layout! :)

Jenny Hill said...

ohhhhh, and you had to post those pictures on a day like today with all this snow.
Booooo. I want to go camping! Hurry up April!

Ashley said...

Love your camping pics, as well as the bull dog pic!!! It reminds me of my grandmas old dog!! Great post, better late than never!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Easton is such a cutie!!

And that's what you look like camping? Hot-tie!! Every time I see your camping pictures it makes me want to go and I don't even like it!!

Cruz is such a water dog!!

I don't think I have ever been to Cranbrook. I think a day trip is in order next time I go to Fernie. Looks like there are some cute stores there.

Jessica said...

Love the records added to your decor!! So cute. Such great pics!

Whit said...

Oh my goodness I love that photo of East eating. What a mess!! What a weekend. xox

Toronto Girl West said...

I used to live in that area!!! And as I always said, the Cranbrook Farmer's Market was one of the best things about the town!