Boot socks. Neon. Cruz.

Well hello there Friday. Aren't you just my favorite day right now!
Today I will be sitting in a computer lab learning a new system for student enrolment/grade submissions knowing they will change it all again in a couple months. Seems productive I know. ;)
BUT it doesn't start until 9 and it's done at noon. Sign me up.
Therefore today I went causal with jeans.
Cruz: "Stop taking pictures of yourself Mom and let's go walk the ravine. You promised"
Cruz: "Why are we taking pictures so early? I'm still sleepy and not looking my best..."
boot socks: old sweater sleeves chopped off. ;)
 I LOVE boot socks!

I wasn't sure how I wanted to wear this shirt...
a. buttoned & belted
b. unbuttoned
c. buttoned & no belt
What do you guys like best?
Cruz: "Why do you keep changing in the living room and taking more pictures. You are so wierd."
I wore it like this...
top: Old Navy (it's much more neon in person! love), skirt: Target

I hope everyone has a great weekend. This weekends highlights include {finally} having a date with my hair dresser, having dinner with friends downtown and then fondue with family.
PS. What do you think of the new blog look? It's a work in progress. I got my nerd glasses on yesterday and went to work...and then when I hit a wall - I recruited my very own super nerd to help out. Thanks Just! xo

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Pamela said...

Love the yellow button up shirt!!

Jennifer said...

I love it with the belt!

Katie said...

you're outfits are adorable! i need a mustard cardigan! love the neon socks under your boots! sounds like a good weekend!

Cami said...

I LOVE your coral scarf...and the polka dotted shirt!! Lovely outfits.
Happy Weekend - sounds like you have a great one coming <3

Janna Renee said...

Haha Cruz's comments...I'm liking the changes thus far! It's looking extra classy and I always enjoy the lighter color schemes!

Ashley said...

Ok... where do I start - mile long comment on its way! Love you outfits, especially the striped skirt with black cardi - it could be blue... who knows but either way I love it! I like the last pic belted and done up, but eitehr way it looks good!

Holy straight hair week! What are you gunna get done to it tomorrow? Your weekend sounds pretty fun!!

I miss Cruz... so do Lily and Gracie - they told me last night.

If I am being honest I hadn't noticed the changes, I guess I just like to get right on to the reading, but after you mentioned it, I like it anjd cannot wait to see the transformation!! Happy blog designing Just!!

Whit said...

I like the boot socks, and I like the shirt with the belt ;) I know what I'm talking about so take my advice. bahaha.. and I love today's outfit.

Leigh said...

Love the outfits! Where did you get your yellow sweater from?

Kae Schumacher said...

First off, can you come be my personal fashion director. I have no fashion sense what so ever! Second of all love all the changes on the blog! Adorable! I might make over mine this weekend!!!!
loves xxoo

Ashley said...

I like the way you chose to wear the outfit. That was my pick!!

Cruz is so adorable!

Emi said...

wow you are too darling!! your blog is the cutest and i'm so happy to discover it. we are your newest followers, come follow along at ! XO

Emi said...

PS love love your dog..white labs are the best!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the chevron and new blurbs!!

The neon is great! I like the shirt with the belt but it looks good all ways. Cruz is awesome as usual! I feel the same way about mornings....

Laura Darling said...

I saw those shirts at Old Navy the other - such fun colors!

Holly said...

Do I see some chevron in the background? :)

And my favorite look is the mustard top with the boots! Ow ow!

Rachel and John said...

Love love love the new blog look! And as always your outfits are beautiful!

Mom said...

Forgot to comment about the NEW Look....Love is you with the chevron!! and I find it easier to read. Looks classy too...which is you also.
Man, I wish I had your fashion sense XOXO

Love and Such said...

I love all of these outfits, So cute- I LOVE the bright yellow shirt with stripes!

Your newest follower here- Excited to read more!


Leslie said...

The new blog looks great!!!
I love the polka dot sweater! I love when I get to wear jeans to work. I get bored of my other work clothes sometimes and feel like I can so much more creative with jeans
Hope you had a great weekend.

Ashley said...

those boot socks are amaze!! i never thought to pair them with a work outfit....must try!

but the first outfit is my look gorg in it!

Amy said...

Your wednesday outfit....consider it stolen. :)
{and all of your other outfits while we are at it!}