Thursday Randoms

First things first - have you ever tried these?
They are amazing. 
If you see them - buy them. If not for you - for me. :)
 I miss this girl. Is she not the sweetest!?!
And I cannot wait to see her tomorrow. Jolie, Junie and I are heading to the lake after work and I could not be more excited. We also have a lot to celebrate this weekend: Jolie's birthday, Auntie Cathy & Uncle Ken's Anniversary and Mom's birthday!!
Lucky Dad - is going to be surrounded in his favorite women and no other men around (even the cat and dogs are female)!
[Jeff is out of town for work and Justin is staying in town to work on his to do list. whomp whomp.]

My drive to work was awfully pretty yesterday. The mountains were much clearer and closer in person. Damn iphone.
 Sometimes instead of a workout and making dinner I decide to relax on the couch with a cup of tea and then have a bath. This doesn't happen often so when it does I take pictures. And then text them to Whitney because I know she'd be proud!
I grabbed this on a whim yesterday while at Shoppers - I did both last night so it was a 30 minute workout and it was pretty good and tough. One workout was all standing moves and the other was mat work: think lots of twisting, squat thrusts, high knees, side bends, etc - most of it with weights. I enjoyed it.
And just to remind you (and me!!):
Happy Thursday! 

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Ashley said...

Wow I think some Birthday Shenangins are gunna go down on the lake side!!! Happy Birthday to them all!!

I love that Junie gets to goto the lake too! Lucky kitty!

Love the quote!!

Jessica said...

I'll have to try those chips!!

Katie said...

sounds like a fun weekend ahead!! and tea and a bath sound like a wise choice. :) good job!!!

Holly said...

I might have to try some Jackie Warner with I'm done with The Shred next week... And like you, I love the popcorn chips! :)

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys are going to have a fun weekend! Say happy birthday to your mom for me! :)

I've tried those popchips good! So addicting

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Mmm those popcorn chips look good! I must try them!

Happy Birthday to your mom and Jolie!

The sunrises and sunsets have just been gorgeous lately. Nice treat for your not so nice commute!

Love that last quote- so true and I need to remind myself of that every once and awhile.

Caroline said...

Ooh, I want to try those chips!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

A night on the couch with tea + a bath sounds wonderful, and it sounds like it was just what your body/soul needed!

I love that last quote!

Logan said...

Happy birthday to aunty Jayne and Jolie, and happy Anniversary to uncle ken and aunty Cathy!

Shay said...

You may have motivated me to get my booty off the couch and exercise! Either that or the bath...that sounded pretty nice too!;-)

Mom said...

I gave it all I had on the golf course today but the golf course won!!(again) However, I will not give up or give in damn can only get better :)

Dad can not wait to be surrounded by all his favorite girls.

Ashley said...

You always post the best quotes!
-Ashley Rimini

Jamie said...

Hope you had a great Thursday!

Whit said...

hahaha.. you obviously need more chill nights if you're posting photos of it on the blog. lol. Love it!! And I MUST try these popcorn chips. I'm always up for a new snack ;) haha.. xox