It's no secret that I love Taylor Swift. Ever since I first heard her song "Tim McGraw" on the radio I was hooked. She is my happy music - if I need to just stop thinking - I throw one of her CDs in and I can let my thoughts stop running too wild and just sing along to all her songs and feel better. 
I have always been super impressed with her songs writing abilities and then I heard this song. She wrote it for a 4 year old little boy who passed away from a battle with cancer.
 (if you are anything like me - you cry after listening to this)

And immediately I knew it was about the little boy I had read about on the blog "RockStar Ronan" written by his Mom. 
So I checked her blog and sure enough it is. Read this post: "Hey Maya, it's Taylor Swift".
(and then if you are like me - you cry after reading the above post)
And now I love Taylor THAT much more. I just want to hug her.
She seriously is amazing and I just think she rocks. 

So does Ronan's Mom...I love this post she wrote on how to live like a Rockstar. You should all read it. 
I read it a long time ago and I am SO glad I just re-read it. I needed a kick in the butt and this was the perfect kick.

PS. I also have to say that I am loving Taylor's straight hair she has been doing lately. Love.
So go buy that song on itunes and all the proceeds go to cancer related charities. 
And I can't wait for October 22 when her new album RED comes out. 
[if I am being totally honest - I don't love her new song {yet}...sounds like Avril Lavigne to me and not very country at all - just sayin'!]
Ok that's it. Go listen to that song and read those posts. And try not to cry.

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Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Oh wow...somehow I missed this and now I'm a crying wreck...what a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing. *much needed*

Chrissi said...

avril lavinge is a great comparison for her noew song, which then makes me even more surprised at how much i love it (because i don't love avril!). on another note, the song ronan gets me every single time!! i am going to go read that blog, but need to do so when i have no mascara on and it's in the privacy of my own home. LOL. thanks for sharing!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

OMG I'm bawling right now!! I love Taylor Swift! I heard her new song on the radio and didn't even realize it was her. I don't mind it but it is quite different from what she normally does.

I am also loving the straight hair! She is such a gorgeous girl! Next time she comes to town I want to see her!

Caroline said...

That song brings tears to my eyes. So sweet!

Ashley said...

I saw this song on Facebook, but had not seen the blog or anything... Such a touching song! Such a touching story! It puts a lot of perspective on life!

I don't love the style of her other song, but I do love the snarkiness of the song. Like you I love blaring some tunes and singing my troubles away even if it is just for a bit!

Rachel and John said...

Bawled my eyes out.

Kae said...

I heard the song for the first time the other day, I ended up checking out the foundation for Ronan and all the proceeds go to children with cancer..but the song just wrenched my heart....
I do love that Tay has been straightening her hair lately!

Holly said...

OK... I got the ugly cry going on!

Katie said...

I started watching this and had to stop because I don't want to start crying at school! I hadn't read anything about him before and just read the two links you shared. I can't even imagine . . . I love taylor swift. she is amazing!

Whit said...

Listened and read and cried. I can't even begin to imagine losing a child. My heart aches. I love that she has turned it around to live the life her son never got to. Thanks for sharing that AJ xox