Hope, outfits & awesome comments.

Happy Friday - I am so glad you are here! I'm ready for a couple days off. You?

Today's giveaway is from me!
It has to do with something I don't talk much about on the blog - not sure why that is. I try and keep this a pretty happy place and I don't want to sound ungrateful for the amazing life I already have but it's something that takes up a large chunk of my thoughts and often it weighs on my heart and emotions. 
I can't even recall how I stumbled upon The Hudson Foundation but within minutes of finding it, I found myself emailing Ashley and ordering some of the Hope necklace's. 
I sent them out (and have more in the mail!) to some incredible women I have "met" through this little blog that are dealing with some of the same type of stuff we are or have been through it. They have been super supportive, answered some of my many questions and helped me feel a little less alone in all this chaos and become true friends.
They are incredibly strong ladies and I so wish we didn't have this in common but the reality is so many couples go through this.
For that reason - I love The Hudson Foundation.
In short, the Hudson Foundation is a non profit organization whose mission is to give HOPE to couples struggling with infertility. 100% of the proceeds go towards a grant to help cover the costs of infertility treatments.

So I am giving away 2 Hope Necklaces.
I decided on this giveaway because I think everyone HOPES for something in their life right - whether it's a new job, to meet the man of their dreams, to lose 5lbs, to find a cure for cancer, to get through their next exam, to finish the pile of laundry that is piling up, world peace, - you name it. Big or small  - hope is important. 

There will be 2 winners!

To win: 

Tell me something you hope for. 
That's all. Easy peasy.

I will announce the winner in 1 week. 

And now for a couple outfits of the week (today I am in yoga pants - who loves organizational day?!? ME!). 

And PS. If you are Jennifer and left this comment:
I wish I could email you back but your email wasn't linked to your comment.
THANK YOU for this comment. That is SO awesome! Keep it up! I know what you mean about not getting to the gym for your fur baby - so DVDs are my go to.
Also check out my friend Holly who did all 30 days of the Shred. Inspiration right there.
But Jennifer, feel free to email me here and I'll email you back. 
Comments like this make my day.

Don't forget to enter the vinyl giveaway here!!

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Rachel and John said...

I hope to find a way to earn some money while still taking care of my babies at home. We really really need it.

Ashley said...

You already know what I hope for!! I love my necklace and wear it ALL the time!! But I do know someone I would love to give this too, should I end up winning!!

Great give away!!

Gabriella said...

I hope that they find a cure for cancer, so nobody has to feel the pain that cancer causes. Great idea for a give away. Saying some extra prayers for you! :)

LOVE all your outfits! You are adorable!

reccewife said...

adorable, I love the necklace! And I love those orange/red pants!

Lacey said...

I hope for a pregnancy in the near future! (fingers crossed)

ps, I LOVE that maxi dress!

Kae said...

I hope for a family.
I hope for my friends/families wishes to come true.
And I hope to find myself through this tough year I am going through.
Prayers for you mi love....

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I hope for a baby :) It makes me so sad how many of us struggle with this but then others who do not want it it can happen so quick for them. You are such a inspiration to me!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I hope for healing for the hurting in the world. I know that's so huge and vague and sometimes I even get overwhelmed by it. But it's true. Orphans and widows and children who have been abused and victims of the sex trade and on and on... it breaks my heart. I hope for healing for each precious soul and for wisdom in knowing how I can help.

Leigh said...

Those necklaces are beautiful :) I hope that girls will stop being nasty to each other and be kind instead, I hope that my mom finds peace and happiness in her life and I hope for a baby for you! :)

Debby said...

I hope for a cure for Cystic Fibrosas!! I want our Ryan to always be healthy and to be able to stop having to do all the meds and other treatments that he has to do daily.

Erin said...

I hope that my husband and I can have a baby in the next year or two and I hope that I pass the CPA exam before that happens!

And definitely a baby for you too!

Colleen said...

I'm hoping for God to send my husband...and I hope for more opportunities to share all the love in my heart.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a great foundation! And a beautiful necklace. My sister struggled with fertility so I know how hard it can be. Well, I say "I know" but I don't know... but I can sympathize with those who are experiencing it.

I hope that I some day meet the man I am supposed to marry. I have been looking for quite awhile!

Logan said...

I hope for you !!;)
I also hope my health cooperates, because I'm not old!!!!! Lol
I hope I never loose one of my children before my time.

Holly said...

Wow, thank you Alison! And my favorite outfit is the one with the blazer.

Happy Friday!!

With love and hope...Mom said...

I hope for good health for all my family and friends because good health allows us to enjoy our lives to the fullest. AND I hope that with turning 30, your body decides it "IS" time for a new addition to our family.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I hope you get your wish!

I also hope for so many things but most importantly that people love each other. Without love, nothing else is important.

Al said...

I hope that I get to meet you someday...

I also hope, for you, that you get everything you want in this life. There are hundreds of deserving women, but I know from personal experience how supportive and thoughtful you are, and how amazing you will be for your family someday - just like you are to Cruz and J.

Love to you, always, my darling.


Shay said...

You look so beautiful and I am so sorry to hear you are struggling with infertility. I cannot imagine, but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope, with others, that you will get that sweet baby you desire some way and that I can always remember to cherish my role as a mother especially for those sweet people like you who are struggling to be one.

Michelle said...

I hope we can start trying this year. Enjoying married life and trying to live in the moment but I do HOPE and PRAY that we can become parents one day soon. Praying for you too Alison!

Amanda said...

I hope to find more security in myself and my relationship. And I absolutely love you in those outfits. Such a model ;)

Jessica said...


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday pretty lady!

Whit said...

I love this post AJ! Those outfits are fab and those necklaces are beautiful. What an amazing foundation :)

I hope for health for my family, friends and even me. I also hope for you and J, that that bean finally decides to join us this year, your 30th year of life. I have a feeling the 30's are going to treat you really well bestie.

Elle Noel said...

I too hope for a baby of my own one day and hope that more is done to care for all the less fortunate babies in this great big world! What an awesome idea for a give away!

You look adorable as always in all of your outfits!

Hope you're having a great day!

Rebekah said...

What an amazing foundation. I hope for a baby. I really don't know if it will happen this next year but I always have hope! Hope is my absolute favorite word and those necklaces are beautiful!

All you need is love said...

What an amazing idea, if I won the necklace I would give it to one of my girlfriends who is struggling with infertility too. I just hope and pray one day it will happen for her since she would be the best mama ever. But I will definitely be checking out that site to send some out on my own!! :)

Janna Renee said...

I hope that the next two months FLY by and my soldier comes home safe!! I would also like to add that I hope your good heart, positive attitude, and "hope" work magic inside of you ;) I was lacking the hormones to conceive last year, and although we weren't trying, I know that it's very scary. {{Hugs}}

Leah said...

First, Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day, you deserve it! Also, thank you for making me aware of the Hudson Foundation. I am going online today and ordering a necklace for me and a few for friends. You know I think about you all the time. xo