A much needed weekend.

We had a busy weekend but a great one for sure.
Friday night we ran over to Cross Iron mall as I had my eye on a couple blazers for work - found 2 and used the last of my gift card from Nana (from a few Christmas's ago!)- thank you Nana! Then Justin requested the watering hole for dinner - this suited me just fine as it meant no cooking after a LONG week.

Saturday morning we got ready and then made the 1.5 hour drive out to Julia and Dave's wedding ceremony. It was an incredible setting at her parents acreage. 
They lucked out and it was a beautiful day.
Laurel (Carla's little girl) the flower girl and the sign carrier! So cute.
The stunning bride and her parents.
Outfit details - Dress: Leigh's (thank you!!), Shoes: Payless, Bracelets: Le Chateau & straight from India (thank you Sheetal!), Earrings: F21, Sunnies: Joe.

Nicole's boyfriend Rob & Justin
 The pergola had a chandelier hanging in it! :) Loved that. And they had hay bales all over covered with fabric so you could sit on them.
Nicole & Rob
 Krista, Sara, myself & Barb (Sara and Barb were in the wedding party)
 Barb & Dylan
My hot date and I.
All the girls!
Random flower girl, Nicole, Barb, Carla (and baby), Laurel, Sara, Julia, Lindsay, Krista & myself.
 Julia's amazing dress!
 She had bright purple shoes...
 After the ceremony we made a stop at Crystal and Troy's for Emerson's 2nd birthday party. We thought we may miss it so we were glad we were able to catch some of it.
Cute sign Crystal made:
Amazing cupcakes and loot bags too!!!
Beautiful niece.
Aunty Alison, Emerson (goofy face!) & Uncle Justin
And last year because I LOVE comparisons! :)
(I laughed cause Justin's glasses are in the same spot both years!)

 Troy, Emerson & Crystal (and baby) this year!
 Then it was time to head down town to the reception - after our quick job of scattering rose petals on all the tables it was time to enjoy the night!
The decorations were very pretty.
 We had fun at the photo booth - all us girls.
Us girls plus the groom!
Our men and the leading lady...
 Our men plus the bride and groom!
 Julia and Dave are known for their mad dancing skills so it was no surprise to me when their first dance quickly changed into a choreographed routine - it was awesome!!
We had a ton of fun dancing the night away - even Justin danced! We had so much fun!!
Us line dancing...
Then Sunday was spent working on the deck railing, Justin did more staining (I've been fired permanently) and I cleaned the house.
Then Jeff, Jolie and Junie came over for dinner - AND Jeff brought dinner!!
We had bison burger and taber corn and I made a salad. I can't say how much I LOVE the fact that we can have dinner with them and hangout on a regular basis now. Missed them tons. And tonight Jolie is coming over for a Bachelor Pad finale date! :)
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!

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Caroline said...

Oooh I love your dress. So pretty. Looks like a fun weekend!

Leigh said...

So glad that the dress worked out for you! :) You can borrow it anytime :) The wedding looks like so much fun! Glad that you guys are able to hang out with J & J & J more :)

Ashley said...

The dress looks super cute on you!! I also love the brides dress!! Looks like a great weekend!! Wish we could have dinner!! lol, but I am glad you can with your brother & Jolie now!!

Katie said...

I love your dress - you look beautiful!! looks like such a fun wedding! Wish I could watch bachlor pad finale with you! : )

Chrissi said...

looks like you had a busy, love-filled weekend! i laughed at the placement of the sunglasses too...guess things don't change with our men, huh? :) enjoy your day!

Gabriella said...

Beautiful wedding! Adorable Emerson! Glad you had a fun weekend! :)

Nikki said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! LOVE the dress you wore to the wedding so pretty! Also I have to tell you I laughed that Justin had his glasses in the same spot for the picture last year and this year! To funny!

Amanda said...

You look gorgeous in Leigh's dress! And the bride was stunning...

All you need is love said...

What a gorgeous place for a wedding! I also noticed Justin's glasses in the same position in the two photos!! :-p

Elle Noel said...

Beautful wedding and I'm Obsessed with your dress! Gaw-geous!

Jessica said...

LOVE your dress! Sounds like a fun wedding :D

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Beautiful wedding!! I love your dress! My friend's flower girl had the same little sign- so cute!
Looks like it was lots of fun. Glad you could make it to Emerson's birthday party too! Busy day!

Kristin said...

gorgeous wedding! i love attending them!