What I Wore: Chevron

Hello Friday!
This week was tricky for outfits as it was mainly spent loading and unpacking the school. It has been pretty darn right chaotic, stressful and terrible.
But Monday we had meetings and I wore this:
 Top (Winners), Capris (Gap), Wedges (Payless)
I love the back on this top and the print the most.
 Hopefully next week I will have some more [and better] outfits for the 1st week back at school {insert scream}.
This is how the school still looks - hence the stress.

Now you just have to meet Cruzie's newest cousin Junie.
Jolie [and Jeff] rescued her and she is just the sweetest thing ever. She is so tiny for her age and a brave little thing. Of course our BIG dog was more afraid of this little kitty than she was of Cruz. Typical.
 So cute. They will be buddies in no time!
Have a fabulous LONG weekend and be safe!!

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Katie said...

You are beautiful!! I'm proud of this outfit post. : ) and I LOVE your top!

Nikki said...

LOVE that shirt!

That kitty is so precious!

Shannon Page said...

Too cute!! Love that top!:)

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

LOVE that top!! It looks so great on you. Cruz looks fascinated with June!!! Hope your weekend is laid back and full of fun. :)

Rachel and John said...

Love your outfit!
Our cat and dog still don't like each other. They will sleep beside each other, not touching. But if the dog so much as looks at the cat the wrong way...she's gone. Hope it works out better for Cruz!

Leslie said...

Aww she is so cute! And your outfit is great! Love it

stockcooks said...

So Cute!! I bet Turbo would love to have a play date! ha

Amber said...

That top is adorable! I'm sure everything will come together at the school by next week. Have a great weekend

Jessica said...

SIGH. I miss Gap. Ours is gone :(

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You better hide that shirt because I'm coming over to steal it!! Love it! The colours, pattern, back detail!! You look great!

Cute kitty!!!

Megan said...

Love the Chevron!!!!

Kae said...

AHHH you are so beautiful friend!
Junie is adorable! Hope you have a great long weekend!

Janna Renee said...

The back of that shirt is so fabulous!! I love open backs, but I don't like going sans bra, and those tops allow me to wear a bra and still show a little back!

Ashley said...

Love that shirt and Junie~!!! What a sweet kitty!!

Hope you have a great weekend~

Megan said...

You are stunning! Love that top so much!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh my gracious that kitty is adorable! And girl, super cute outfit!