Welcome to the crazy house!

Holy moly 3 kids under 7 is tiring. I give Logan sooo much credit - super Mom is currently staying in my house I swear. Did I mention she runs a day home too so she adds more kids to the chaos! She amazes me!! But seriously we have been having a blast.
Started off with a photo shoot with Whitney. We had an assembly line going and I curled all thier hair and we got them all dressed in their new digs. 
The kids did soooooo good after the warmed up to the idea and of course Whit worked her magic. She really is incredible.
This is what happened on the way...all 3 kids were passed out! oups.
 Here's a sneak peek...
These are are beautiful!!!
 I LOVE this picture.
 This shoot was my 30th birthday present to Logan. Happy early birthday Log and thank you Whit for always capturing the beauty in this family.

Then we hit the zoo yesterday.
Crystal and Emerson joined us too!
We saw the penguins - they are new this year and oh so cool.
 Mayela went from not wanting her photo taken ever to posing in every shot she could think of!
Then we did a lot of this:
And Cruz is loving all of this:

And as much as I love them to pieces and love how busy and loud the house is with kids having fun - I love it when bedtime comes. And when our wine glasses are full. :)

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Ashley said...

Love all the pics! Whit did another great job with them!!

I can just imagine how animated your house is right now!!! Have fun!!!

Megan said...

Those pictures look amazing!!! And sounds like you are having a great time!!

Leigh said...

I'm tired just reading about how busy three kids are! Haha. Looks like you guys are having fun though :)

Caroline said...

Cruz looks like, "Mom, I could totally get used to all of this. It's the life!"

Jessica said...

As usual - beautiful pictures!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I can relate to enjoying the time when everyone is in bed and you are sipping on wine! The kids area ll so adorable, though! I can't imagine having 3 kids - and my parents had 5. I don't know how they did it!!

Janna Renee said...

Seriously...where did Whitney get her talent? She blows my mind!

Whit said...

Oh my goodness you guys are BUSY!! Pics, the zoo, and Sprinklers!! Nice work. I think I need to get to the zoo and see those penguins they look awesome :) xox